Pep Guardiola is happy when Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund is happy

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The manager of Manchester City, Pep Guardiola has insisted that he does not have any regret for allowing Jadon Sancho to leave the club. The Spanish tactician stressed that since the 20-year-old right-winger is happy at Borussia Dortmund, he is happy for him.

Jadon Sancho would have started his professional football career at Manchester City but ended up at the under-18 side of the club. After about two years at City’s youth system, the England international felt he was good enough to enjoy City’s first-team football.

However, Pep Guardiola did not want to give him such an opportunity but wanted him to remain at the club and continue his development. But Jadon Sancho could not be that patient and had to push to be transferred.

After a series of back and forth, Manchester City allowed him to go and he joined German Bundesliga side, Borussia Dortmund on August 31, 2017, for a transfer fee worth €7.84 million.

Since he arrived in Germany, he has done so well for Borussia Dortmund that he was invited to England national team on October 12, 2018. So far, the right-winger has scored 3 goals in 18 games for the Three Lions.

While for Borussia Dortmund, he has scored over 46 goals and provided 60 assists in 130 games between 2017 and 2021. This season alone, Jadon Sancho has scored 6 Bundesliga goals, provided 11 assists in 21 games. He has scored 12 goals and provided 16 assists in 31 games in all competitions this season.

Pep Guardiola and Jadon Sancho while still at Manchester City.
Pep Guardiola and Jadon Sancho while still at Manchester City.

The England international who is currently out of action due to a torn muscle fiber is expected to be available for Borussia Dortmund when his club faces his former club, Manchester City in the quarter-finals stage of the UEFA Champions League. The youngster is now worth over €100 million in the transfer market.

“I’ve said many times, it is not a regret,” Guardiola said on allowing Sancho to leave City for Dortmund. “He decides. He’s doing really well. Congratulations, he’s an exceptional player.

“He is a national team player with huge quality, doing really well in Dortmund. We wanted him to stay but he decided to leave, and when people decide to leave all we can do is (let them) leave.

“I wish him all the best, except when he plays against us. No regrets at all. If he’s happy, I’m happy.”

Jadon Sancho will face Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals on April 6 and 14 and the coach of City, Pep Guardiola, said the Premier League club is ready to handle him.

“We will face him, try to control him. We know the quality he has, everyone knows”, Guardiola added. “The quality in Dortmund is from all departments. They are a strong team.”