Paul Pogba’s son Labile Shakur celebrates second year birthday

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Paul Pogba’s son Labile Shakur is two years old. His father took to his Instagram page on Monday to announce it to his 42.6 million Instagram followers.

The 27-year-old Manchester United center-midfielder shared a picture of Labile Shakur on Instagram showing the well-kitted celebrant who posed by looking into the sky, to flaunt how grown he has become.

In the caption, the France international announced that his son has turned 2-year-old and he can’t believe how fast his growth has been. “My baby is 2 now can’t believe how fast it goes may Allah protect you mi shakuriño”, the Frenchman wrote.

Paul Pogba’s son was born in January 2019 through Pogba’s lover Maria Zulay. Initially, it was assumed that the boy was born on the 5th of January 2019 because the Manchester United star marked Labile Shakur’s one year birthday on the said date.

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When the boy was born in January 2019, it took Pogba time to officially announce to the world that he is now a father which made people believe that he was trying to hide the child from the public.

Paul Pogba's son Labile Shakur celebrates second year birthday
Paul Pogba and his family: one of Labile Shakur’s first picture on Instagram.

It became so obvious that Pogba did not want to reveal his child’s identity when he had to wait until he turned a year older before he flaunted him fully on his Instagram page. As of the time of publishing this report, his Instagram post announcing the boy’s one year birthday was no longer on his page.

Now, there is a dilemma on the exact day in January that Labile Shakur was born. This is so because, when the boy turned a year older, his one year birthday was marked on Instagram on the 5th of January 2020. However, on his second year birthday, Pogba’s wife Maria Zulay marked the boy’s second year birthday via her Instagram page on Sunday, January 3, while the footballer marked the boy’s second anniversary on Instagram in the early hours of Monday, January 4.

This means that Labile Shakur has three days in January that could be taken as the possible days he was given birth to until an official clarification is made.

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Recall that when the boy was born, it took the comment of Manchester United legend Bryan Robson for the world to know that the Manchester United midfielder is a father. Robson commented in 2019 that “when I saw Paul last week in Dubai with the team United, I chatted and I congratulated them on the birth of his baby“. That became the first time the world got to know that Pogba has become a father.

So, Labile Shakur could mark his birthday between January 3 and 5 of every year until someone close to the footballer tells the world the boy’s exact birthday or Pogba does it himself. Until then, happy birthday to the young man.

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