Past And Present Footballers Involved In Gambling

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Many might know footballers who have been punished for irresponsible gambling, however, you might not be aware of other footballers who are involved in gambling possibly for the fun of it.

This article intends to fill you in on well-known footballers that have made gambling a hobby.

It appears that footballers do not have any hobby other than football, however, that isn’t factual as they also spend their free-time partaking in other things that pique their interest.

Apart from streamlining the love for gambling to only footballers, generally, athletes also love gambling.

Many spend their time in training and as such, they do not have ample time to spend on some things that stimulate their minds.

On days when they aren’t in training, they are partaking in their job of being athletes and to deliver they many times give it their entire attention when needed.

However, when they need to relax and have a great time, some opt to socialize either by sightseeing or even playing video games.

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For other footballers, they prefer gambling as it stimulates their mental alertness, emotional strength, and their thought process amongst other seeming benefits they receive by partaking in gambling.

Gambling otherwise known as the online casino, helps footballers in their analytical abilities, competitive level, decision-making, and more.

Footballers Involved In Gambling

Anyway, let’s immerse you into high-profile footballers past and present, who partake in gambling and other related activities.

Gianluigi Buffon

Buffon loves gambling with his friends

The retired goalkeeper is fascinated by gambling and is known to have taken part in gambling.

Instead of playing with unknown players, Buffon loves to participate in gambling with his friends.

In this manner, they wouldn’t have to bother about losing money and they would enjoy gambling.

Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat are some of the online casino games that Gianluigi Buffon loves to partake in.

Neymar Jr

Footballers Involved In Gambling
Neymar is engrossed with gambling

The Brazil national team’s joint top-scorer is one of the most famous players involved in that activity.

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He is engrossed with gambling and was seen in a video in March 2023 where he lost a staggering €1 million playing online casinos.

Neymar has a pet dog with the name “Poker” and he has previously acknowledged his love for gambling.

He revealed that online casinos help him to keep his mind in shape and it helps his mental alertness.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Ibrahimovic really loves gambling

The Swedish football legend is also a lover of gambling, although he didn’t face any problems regarding his indulgence in it throughout his career.

Ibrahimovic loves to play roulette, poker, and other online casino games. The 41-year-old has also been a brand ambassador for an online better organization in his country, Sweden.

Subsequent reports revealed that the company recorded massive profits after making him an ambassador.

Football misses Zlatan Ibrahimovic but he always has a great companion in online casino games.

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Footballers Involved In Gambling
Cristiano Ronaldo also loves to gamble

The football great is also involved with gambling, although information concerning his partaking in online games is unknown.

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However, reports indicate that Cristiano Ronaldo also gambles but not with the aim of monetary rewards.

Given his fat bank account and a reported net worth of €1 billion, Ronaldo takes part in gambling for the fun of it.

The Portuguese has also previously been a brand ambassador for an online casino company called PokerStars.

Gabriel Batistuta

Batistuta is a brand ambassador for a gambling brand

Argentine legend Batistuta is also a lover of gambling and he was signed in September 2022 by SOCERBET to be its brand ambassador. 

Michael Owen

Footballers Involved In Gambling
Micheal Owen reveals he gambles occasionally

The Liverpool legend is also a fan of gambling but he revealed during his career that it isn’t an excessive activity.

Michael Owen is a brand ambassador for Maxim88, and he has used his massive following across the world to promote the brand, with his efforts yielding the needed results.

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