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Paris Saint-Germain Tops List As Most Powerful Club In The World

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The Ligue 1 champions have topped the list as the most powerful football club in the world. This is according to Soccerex Football Finance 100, third edition that was recently released. Though the club giants may not win UEFA Champions League this season, they can rest assured that they will be taking home the trophy for the most powerful club. Paris Saint-Germain emerged as winners based on a report that analysis player’s values, cash, debt, tangible assets and the wealth of club owners.

Thanks to the star-studded squad, the likes of Neymar, Mbappe, Cavani, and Icardi has seen the squad’s valuation of the top 100 increase by 24.5%. Their assets have also increased to 12.6%, while their ownership wealth has shown an impeccable increase with 21.2% to € 1.1 trillion. It’s also good to note that the debt among the top 100 clubs has also fallen by 8%. 

Manchester City has won the top FF100 for the first and second edition in 2018 and 2019 respectively. City has fallen to second place seeing PSG rise to the top spot due to financial management improvement, reduction on their debt, and higher levels of cash. 

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”PSG’s rise to first place comes at a time when big-time football has become more polarised, characterized by clubs increasing their financial strength due to the support of very wealthy investors. Increasingly, clubs seek-out investors that can elevate them to a new level. Whereas clubs with billionaire backing were the exception a decade ago, modern football is increasingly drawn to oil magnates, speculators, and huge corporations,” said Soccerex.

Most Powerful Clubs FF100


1 Paris Saint-German 5.318
2 Manchester City 5.197
3 Bayern Munich 3.888
4 Tottenham 3.441
5 Real Madrid 3.336
6 Arsenal 3.150
7 Chelsea 2.893
8 Liverpool 2.616
9 Juventus 2.195
10 Borussia Dortmund 2.15

Institutions that have also dominate domestic football across Europe are also the richest. With the likes of Bayern Munich in Germany, Juventus in Italy, Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain and PSG in France. Surprisingly, Manchester United who is currently the richest club in Premier League did not make the list. This is expected in part due to their large debt acquired by their owners the Glazer family. Liverpool who is expected to top United as Richest in Premier League by 2022 has made the list by decreasing its debt and a new Nike deal that’s expected to roll out next season. 

Soccerex cautioned: “Few would disagree on the importance of ensuring football’s eco-system remains healthy and that the game’s spirit and authenticity are both preserved in the face of ever-increasing commercialism. Football clubs are invariably linked to the identity of cities, towns and even villages, and therefore, they bring pleasure to many people who see “their club” as an essential part of the community.”

”The ongoing corporatization of football has helped drive its popularity and media saturation, but it also represents a threat to many clubs, casting them into the role of also-rans. The stronger the big names become, the more pressure there will be to create elitist competitions that could result in a very fragmented industry. Whatever happens, has to handled sensitively and pragmatically, and must be in the interests of all clubs, not just the richest,” insisted Soccerex.

The past decade focus was mainly on growth in-game, with clubs relying on revenues from broadcasting. In essence, the more popular and in-demand the player is the more likely viewers are to watch. At least how it was in the last decade. But with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo making their exit this decade, things have changed for clubs in terms of generating revenue. 

”It is an industry in a state of flux. But when has it truly been any different? And isn’t that part of the sport’s attraction constant evolution?” said Soccerex. 

Do you agree with the current list of most powerful football clubs in the world? 

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