Pal Dardai Privileged To Coach His Three Sons In Germany’s 2nd Division


Pal Dardai, Hertha BSC boss, has made history as he is the first coach to have all three of his sons on the pitch at the same time.

Pal Dardai Privileged To Coach His Three Sons In Germany’s 2nd Division

Pal Dardai returned to Hertha BSC this April, and his team includes his three sons Palkó, Márton, and his youngest son Bence Dárdai.

Bence had previously won the European Championship in Hungary a few weeks ago as part of Germany’s Under-17 team.

However, just before the start of the new season, news broke out that his eldest son, Palko had rejoined Hertha from Hungarian side Fehérvár FC,

This feat broke the world record and set the stage for a history-making event in football – a father coaching three sons in one professional team.

A Hungarian news outlet, Mandiner reported the historic feat by Pal Dardai saying: “Márton played the whole match in the opening round at home to Fortuna Düsseldorf, with Palkó coming on in the 30th minute to replace the injured Marten Winkler, while youngest son Bence came on in the 78th minute to replace Pascal Klemens.”

The report further added on Pal Dardai, saying: “Nowhere in professional football has a father been the head coach of a team in which three of his sons have played.”

The coach is not unfamiliar with such situations, as he also faced same during his time at Pécs MFC in Hungary.

Pécs MFC was the team the coach made his debut in 1992 at 16 and half year, but then, his father, Pál Dárdai senior, was the coach.

Hertha BSC’s coach while speaking in an interview said: “When he asked for my opinion, I only told him to join a club where he would get regular opportunities and the playing time he needed. I am very proud of him for making it.”

Pal Dardai also noted in the interview that there was a period when Márton was out of Hertha’s starting line-up (mainly due to injury).

Pal Dardai Privileged To Coach His Three Sons In Germany’s 2nd Division

Pal Dardai also added: “Marci grew a lot between the ages of 16 and 19, which always sets a young player back, but now he has definitely strengthened.”

“When there was talk of a possible move, I just told him not to go on loan. Any club that is serious about signing him should buy him out.”

Dárdai on the other hand has never hidden the fact that the youngest of the three boys, Bence, still only 17, is the most talented.

Speaking about Bence, he said: “He has the biggest mouth, he is the most badass! At the age of 16, he was already playing one age group above the 17-year-olds, where he often led the team on his back.”

“He is at that age now where he has suddenly grown a lot, but I am not afraid he will find his coordination again soon.”

Pal Dardai

Dárdai is a Hungarian retired footballer who was born on 16 March, 1976 and played mainly as a defensive midfielder, and he is currently head coach of 2. Bundesliga club Hertha BSC.

The coach played for Hertha BSC, in Germany for over a decade professionally in a 20-year professional career.

He is the club’s most-capped player with 286 Bundesliga appearances and also gained 61 caps for the Hungary national team in 12 years.

Pal Dardai is married with three sons: Palkó, Márton, and Bence – the coach played all three of his sons together at the same time in the Bundesliga 2.


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