Nicky Pike is the gorgeous woman in charge of the heart of Ashley Young of Aston Villa

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Aston Villa’s left-back, Ashley Young is just young by name but is a veteran defender who has gathered a lot of experience in the game of football. He is also very experienced when it comes to relationships as he has been in love with Nicky Pike long before he became an established footballer.

Who is Ashley Young?

Who is Ashley Young?

Ashley Young was born in England on July 9, 1985, which means that the English footballer will clock 37-year-old on July 9, 2022. Ashley Young is a professional footballer who started his professional football career at Watford on July 1, 2003.

Young made his first big career move on January 23, 2007, when he joined Aston Villa for a transfer fee worth €13.20 million. On July 1, 2011, the English left-back made his biggest career move when he joined Manchester United for a transfer fee worth €18 million.

Ashley Young spent over nine years at Manchester United before he decided to join Inter Milan on January 17, 2020, for a transfer fee worth €1.7 million. He spent a year and some months at the Italian side before he returned to the Premier League to join Aston Villa on a free transfer on July 1, 2021.

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So far in the 2021-2022 season, the veteran left-back has played 24 times for Aston Villa in which he provided two assists. His contract with Villa will expire on June 30, 2022.

Note that Ashley Young made his debut for the Three Lions of England on November 16, 2007. Before he was dropped from the national team, he made 39 appearances in which he scored 7 goals.

Who is the wife of Ashley Young?

Nicky Pike, the wife of Ashley Young.
Nicky Pike, the wife of Ashley Young.

Nicky Pike is the wife of Ashley Young. Pike and Young have been in love since their high school days.

Since then, it has not been an easy ride for the two lovers as they have gone through a lot of stoning paths but were able to stick together to date.

After years of dating, Ashley Young and Nicky Pike decided to take their love affairs to the next level by getting married. The private wedding ceremony took place at Stoke Place Hotel, Buckinghamshire.

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What is the biggest scandal in Nicky Pike and Ashley Young’s relationship?

Ashley Young and his wife Nicky Pike.
Ashley Young and his wife Nicky Pike.

Ashley Young and Nicky Pike have been together for ages and must have battled a lot of family crisis in the secret which they were able to prevent from going public.

But the biggest scandal in the relationship between Ashley Young and Nicky Pike happened in 2011. In the said year, Young decided to call off his planned wedding to Nicky Pike for no known reason.

Then, reports claimed that the wedding was expected to cost the couple £200,000 and was expected to take place at the Grove Hotel in Watford.

After calling off the wedding, Young reportedly left England for Las Vegas, United States where he was reportedly seen with a bunch of ladies having fun.

Young and Pike stayed apart for over four months before they were able to work things out and started their love affairs afresh. Three years after they reconciled, they planned and successfully executed a private wedding.

Who is Nicky Pike?

Just like Ashley Young, Nicky Pike was born in England in 1985 which means that she is currently 37-year-old.

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Though Pike is a very private English lady, Futballnews was able to gather that Pike graduated from High School. She attended the John Henry Newman School in Stevenage. However, it was not clear whether Nicky Pike had any university education.

Before now, Nicky Pike was a career woman who run her business. But these days, she is more focused on running the family on behalf of Young who is still busy with his football career.

How many children do Ashley Young and Nicky Pike have together?

Tyler Young and Ellearna Young posing with their father at Old Trafford.
Tyler Young and Ellearna Young posing with their father at Old Trafford.

The union of Ashley Young and Nicky Pike is blessed with three children – two sons and a daughter.

Their first son, Tyler Young was born in 2006. In 2011, they welcomed a daughter, Ellearna Young. After the birth of the girl, Young and Pike waited until 2018 to give birth to their third child, a boy whose name has not been made public.

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