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Neymar Takes Advantage of COVID-19 Break to Show the World the Other Side of Him [Photos]

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Though the coronavirus also known as COVID-19 has killed thousands of people and infected thousands of others, some footballers who have been forced to stay aside from what they love due to the pandemic are embracing new possibilities and are showing their fans the new side of themselves. One of such footballers is Paris Saint-Germain talisman Neymar Jr. He has been using the break from football, the sport he has been known for, to show the world that there are still some other aspects of him which he is yet to explore.

One such aspect of his 28-year-old life is the game of beach volleyball. Neymar took to his Instagram page with over 130 million Instagram followers to share pictures showing when he and some friends were having a good time at a beach volleyball court, possibly in his home country, Brazil.

In one of the pictures, the former Barcelona superstar and Brazilian international posed like he was getting set to defend a serve from the opponent’s half.

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The scenery of the court looks like it was a warm evening as the player was pictured wearing only shorts without a shirt to cover his well built upper part of the body.

In the other picture he shared earlier, he, some family and friends could be seen lying on the sandy court like the world has no problem as big as COVID-19.

In the third photo taken from the same location, they were pictured sitting on the seats at the spectators’ stand at the beach volleyball court.

Swipe below to see Neymar and friends chilling at the spectators’ stand:

A few days ago, Neymar also took to his Instagram page to share a picture of him showing when he was holding a bat on a tennis court. He posed gallantly like a tennis superstar who was set to take a service from one of the best players in the game.

Indeed, despite all the bad things the coronavirus pandemic has done in the world since the outbreak started in November 2019, the outbreak has really opened doors of new possibilities to people who decided to leave the negatives of the outbreak and embrace the positives. Neymar is surely one of those few people who would have a lot of fun memories to share at the end of the pandemic.

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