Neymar congratulates ‘Bayer’ in his tweet after PSG’s Champions League final defeat 


After losing his the Champions League final against Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain’s forward, Neymar will have to fight for the trophy for another season.

Neymar, who had won the trophy with Barcelona was bitter showing his disappointment. The Paris club lost the final 1-0 courtesy of Kingsley Coman’s header in the 59th minute.

It was too hard for the Brazilian super start to take as he began sobbing from the blast of the final whistle.

Neymar being consoled by PSG owner

He was consoled by many of his teammates and Bayern players, who appreciated his input into the side as well. One of those who immediately consoled the world’s most expensive player was Bayern Munich’s David Alaba.

The club director, Leonardo, had to be persuaded to go up and collect his runners-up medal as he was seen sitting on the PSG bench inconsolable.

Neymar finally wipes his tears and congratulated Bayern Munich

Meanwhile, Neymar has congratulated the champions a day later. He sent the congratulatory message via his Twitter page.

Perhaps due to his state of mind and tears in his eyes, Neymar made a pretty awkward mistake spelling Bayern as ‘Bayer’.

“Losing is part of the sport, we try everything, we fight until the end. Thank you for the support and affection of each one of you and CONGRATULATIONS to BAYER,” Neymar wrote.

A lovely message from the Brazilian, but BAYER? This was probaly a typo which the supertar could later have time to correct once he regains himself and live with the reality that he has lost the Champions League trophy with PSG this season.

Since he used the word Bayer, fellow Bundesliga side, Bayer Leverkusen got into the act.

David Alaba was the first to console Neymar after the final whistle

“Obrigado @neymarjr. I’m not sure why you congratulate me if I’m on vacation playing FIFA … but thanks,” they swiftly replied,

Wenger speaks on Neymar’s attribute

Meanwhile, before the final, former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger had rated Neymar as the current best player in the world.

“The best player in the world at the moment. He’s much more efficient. I think he’s at the top of the combination of the physical strengths, the mental strengths and technical ability we know he has since a boy. But he’s much more efficient in his game.”


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