Mohamed Salah of Liverpool: How Bad Can Things Get For The Egyptian King


Mohamed Salah, who had been in excellent form for Liverpool over the previous three seasons, is currently experiencing a slump.

Mohamed Salah signed a new contract along with Klopp’s extension, the contract made him the highest-paid player in the team’s history and indicated that the Reds wanted to maintain their winning streak.

Since the departure of his fellow teammate Sadio Mane who left Liverpool after they rejected the idea of raising his pay. Salah has failed to make an impression this season in all competitions.

Liverpool dominated with Mohamed Salah, Luis Diaz, and Mane, but Mane’s departure has diminished the threat the Liverpool attack once posed.

The battle to regain his status as a top player didn’t begin in August; it did so when he headed to Egypt in 2022 to compete in the African Nations Cup.

Various spectators believed the Egyptian would have an easy time winning the competition.

Mohamed Salah
Salah celebrates after scoring a goal

Mohamed Salah let everyone down with a string of subpar performances, deflating expectations that they would win the Tournament and he would take home the Nations Cup’s top goal scorer award.

He struggled to defeat defenders and goalkeepers in the last CAF Nations League. He was easily dispossessed, and made poor final passes.

Salah observed how Mane robbed him of the trophy. Senegal won the championship thanks to penalties, in which Salah did not participate.

Mohamed Salah
Salah celebrating with Thiago Alcantara

After Senegal and Egypt faced once more in the World Cup qualifying play-off, where Mane and his teammates once again qualified for the World Cup ahead of Egypt, Salah’s bad performance persisted.

Many people thought that Salah’s season would be difficult because of his lack of intensity, bad placement, and sound football attitude.

The gifted winger’s statistics in the Premier League this season are bothersome, as he has been stuck on the right side and unable to experiment with the number 9 spot.

Mohamed Salah
Salah looking unhappy in a match in the Champions League

Mohamed Salah has made 15 appearances this season and has contributed four assists along with five goals.

Who Should Be Blamed For Mohamed Salah’s Struggle?

Salah is a good player, but any manager should make the most of him by assembling a team that will enable him to be unstoppable.

He was not utilized by Klopp or Egypt boss Rui Vitoria in a position that was highly deserved. Salah, who is a forward, is versatile and scored the majority of his goals last season from wide areas.

He is being used as a creative midfielder by Klopp and Vitoria, which has a negative impact on his performance on the field.

What Next For Liverpool And Mohamed Salah?

The second leg of Liverpool’s Champions League match versus Rangers will take place in Scotland on October 12, 2022, at 8:00 p.m. In order to defeat Rangers at Ibrox, Salah’s 100 percent contribution is necessary.

Mohamed Salah
Salah against Arsenal looking tired

However, Salah needs the support of his teammates to come back to his best form this season. He is a top player who can improve in all ramifications this season. If Salah returns to his normal form, that could signal an end to the poor form of Liverpool.


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