Mohamed Salah may not renew his contract with Liverpool… “It’s in their hands, they know what I want” Salah

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  • Mohamed Salah is underpaid at Liverpool, Salah’s representatives say reports that Salah is currently paid £10.4m a year are inaccurate.
  • Jurgen Klopp is possibly playing around with Mo Salah’s demands.
  • Salah ” I don’t want crazy thing”
  • Mohamed Salah’s contract ends in the summer of 2023, and he would be able to sign with a new club six months prior to his contract expiry.

Mohamed Salah is at the point where he needs to sign a new contract with Liverpool but it seems like both sides are far apart on what it will take for Salah to continue working with Klopp.

And now speaking on his Anfield future, Salah has reiterated his desire to remain at the club, but admits the situation is now in the hands of owners FSG as he has made want he wants clear to them.

“I want to stay, but it’s not in my hands. It’s in their hands,” the forward told GQ magazine. “They know what I want. I’m not asking for crazy stuff.

“The thing is when you ask for something and they show you they can give you something because they appreciate what you did for the club.

“I’ve been here for my fifth year now. I know the club very well. I love the fans. The fans love me. But with the administration, they have [been] told the situation. It’s in their hands.”

The GQ article also added: “Salah’s representatives say reports that Salah is currently paid £10.4m a year are inaccurate but otherwise would not comment on negotiations”.

He said: “You know exactly what Mo is about. We’re talking and extending a contract with a player like Mo is not something where you meet for a cup of tea in the afternoon and find an agreement. That’s completely normal.

“There’s really nothing else to say about Mo. He speaks about it and I can only say a few things because all the rest is not for the public, obviously.

“But I’m not sure if he gave the interview in English or it was translated [wrongly] and arrived in English and that is an issue we saw in the last few days again.

“So really a lot of things can happen when someone tries to do that and Mo is fine, I am fine. I think what we all want is clear and things like this need time, that is it.”

Salah broke his silence to address his contract situation and he said that he is not asking for too much and that the decision is in the hands of Liverpool and Klopp. Mo Salah’s contract expires in the summer of 2023 and he is allowed to start talking to other teams and he is eligible to sign a new contract with any club when it’s six months before his contract expires.

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