Mikel Arteta sets for his 100th game in charge of Arsenal, says he misses European football

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The manager of Arsenal football club, Mikel Arteta will record his 100th game in charge of Arsenal later today, November 7. The Premier League game which is against Watford at the Emirates Stadium is expected to kick off at 15:00.

Mikel Arteta and his team have been enjoying a renewed form in recent games. They are expected to continue with the form when Watford visit the Emirates Stadium later today.

The players would not only want to win the game to earn points but to grab a win to honor coach Mikel Arteta who has been in charge of Arsenal since 2019.

Ahead of his 100th game in charge of Arsenal, Mikel Arteta described his journey at the Premier League club as incredible.

He said his focus is to build and maintain the unity he has been sensing around the club, noting that seeing happy faces is his biggest compliment.

The coach said: “It’s been an incredible journey to experience everything we’ve been through together in this time.

“My only focus here is about finding and building the unity that I start to sense right now around the club. The rest is going to come. I have no doubt the team is going to play well, compete and perform. The rest will be a consequence.

“When I see happy faces around us every day, that’s for me the biggest compliment, that people are happy to work in this organization and feel a sense of belonging, which is really important for people to give their best and drive the club where we want…

“The level of expectation we have all the time are to be the best and that’s related to our history. In our closest history with Arsene [Wenger], what he did, he is going to live with us forever.

“It’s very necessary and positive for us because these are the demands and standards that we have to seek to achieve. We are on that route.”

So far this season, Mikel Arteta and his boys have recorded 5 wins, two draws, and three defeats. These stats have helped them to remain 7th on the league table with 17 points in 10 games.

They are expected to move higher by breaking into the top four. If they win the Premier League game against Watford today, they will be a step away from the top four due to inferior goals difference.

Mikel Arteta is not happy that Arsenal are not part of European football

Mikel Arteta is not happy that Arsenal are not part of European football
Coach Mikel Arteta of Arsenal.

One of the downsides of Mikel Arteta’s reign at Arsenal is the failure of the club to qualify for a European club competition last season.

In the last 25 years, Arsenal have not failed to make it into a European club competition but this season, they are left to compete in only domestic competitions.

Though Mikel Arteta claimed Arsenal’s absence in European club competition is helping the team to have more time to work on other things, he still struggles to accept the fact that Arsenal are not featuring in any European competition this season.

“I’m still struggling to see it that way because every time there’s a European week, I don’t really enjoy watching it”, the coach said.

“It’s the situation that we have, we have to make the most out of it and hopefully, we can benefit from that by maximizing the time and exposure we can have with the players to get our ideas across, to spend more time together and compete better when we have the opportunities.”

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  • Anyara john 8 months ago

    Indeed a young dynamic and purposeful coach. If he continues like this he is really going to break into the top 4. He is really determined notwithstanding.

  • Bello Akanni Sheriffdeen 8 months ago

    I wish him success and good luck,it takes times to build a team especially with young players and low budget,he is trying to instill winning mentality in them and now that they are happy and the result is going their way,the rest is the consequences as he said

  • Ayoola 8 months ago

    I think Mikel Arteta is improving Arsenal but it will be a slow and steady race. Gooldluck to him in his 100th game as Arsenal manager.

  • Omoniyi ibukun 8 months ago

    In my opinion, Mikel Arteta has tried to prove that he’s quite capable of keeping Arsenal going and help restore their glory days ,but trust me this can’t just happen in few months or even a season or two , it takes time There’s a lot of adjustment needed in Arsenal’s team and Arteta has shown he’s handling them piece by piece from carefully selecting a preferred squad to players improvement, and I’m sure he’ll do better with time and he should definitely make the top 4 this season since he has no European competition to partake in, it increases his chances of winning earning a good position in this season’s standing .
    Thank you

  • Tapshak Danlami 8 months ago

    Mikel Arteta takes charge of his 100th Arsenal match having already tasted victory more times than Arsene Wenger over the same span of Gunners games. He had enjoyed a remarkable turnaround in fortunes after overseeing the club’s worst ever start to a season, which left them pointless and below even Norwich after three Premier League fixtures. He has zero defeats in any competition since then have propelled them from 20th to sixth ahead of the visit of Watford

  • Abiodun opeyemi 8 months ago

    Mikel Arteta sealed another win today, and continues his streak, I’m sure this should clear ongoing argument about him and his job as the Gunners Manager. Arsenal will do better under his coaching term and their organization skills has definitely been improving.
    I see them finishing well this season, and making it back to European competitions.
    And mark my words Arteta has better managerial potentials to make Arsenal a better club if given the chance .