Mikel Arteta of Arsenal is in love with the current version of Aubameyang


The manager of Arsenal, Mikel Arteta has acknowledged how mature his striker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has become so far. The Spanish tactician said he loves the current version of the Gabonese striker.

Aubameyang started the 2021-2022 season struggling to score goals. His poor start to the season affected the general performance of Arsenal.

Hence, Mikel Arteta and his boys went on to record three successive defeats in the Premier League without scoring. The successive defeats especially the 5-0 defeat at the hands of Manchester City forced some supporters of the club to start campaigning for the coach to be sacked.

Before things could get that ugly, Aubameyang picked up a fine form, and then Mikel Arteta’s team stopped losing games.

In their last seven games in all competitions, Arsenal have not recorded a defeat. It has always been a win or a draw for Mikel Arteta and his boys, thanks to the resuscitation of Aubameyang’s goalscoring form.

So far this season, the 32-year-old Gabonese striker has scored 7 goals and provided 2 assists in 9 games in all competitions. His improved form has helped Arsenal to move from the relegation zone to the 10th spot on the league table with 14 points in 9 games.

However, Aubameyang’s improved form is not what is thrilling coach Mikel Arteta. The Spanish tactician is very happy with the leadership role the club’s captain has been playing in the team.

Mikel Arteta of Arsenal is in love with the current version of Aubameyang
Aubameyang and coach Mikel Arteta.

Recall that Arsenal bought Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund on January 31, 2018, for €63.75 million because of his goalscoring ability. In his first season, he emerged as the Premier League joint-top goalscorer. Since then, he has continued to be the club’s most consistent striker.

Most Arsenal supporters know how good the striker is when it comes to scoring goals, but like most of the club’s supporters, coach Mikel Arteta has never seen Aubameyang showcase so much leadership skills like he has been doing this season.

“I wouldn’t go to the goals, again it is what Aubameyang is transmitting on the pitch. I have never seen Aubameyang transmit what he is doing now,” Arteta told Arsenal’s official website.

“Apart from the goals, the celebration when they put the ball in the net, do you see the way he runs, the purpose he has to press the ball, and, when he takes it his movement, his link, how he is leading the game, not when he is static, and then he puts the ball in the net? I prefer this Aubameyang.”

Aubameyang is expected to bring on his goalscoring and leadership skills when Arsenal play against Leeds United in the EFL Cup round of 16 game later today, October 26, 2021. The match will kick off at 19:45.

Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette lead by example at Arsenal according to Mikel Arteta

Aubameyang (left) and Alexandre Lacazette.

Aside from Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette’s game has greatly improved lately. The effort of the two stars has helped Mikel Arteta to record 6 games unbeaten run.

As Aubameyang has become a more rounded striker, Lacazette has also become a better strike partner of the Gabonese striker.

While acknowledging this development, coach Arteta noted that what was good about Aubameyang’s role three years ago is no longer enough and the striker has realized that.

The coach also noted that Lacazette whose contract with the club is on the verge of expiring, has also taken up a leadership role in the club.

“For me, it is a click. It is a click. It is a combination, that realizing that his [Aubameyang’s] role has to go well beyond that,” Arteta said.

“What was good, or very good, two or three years ago, with his role in this team, at this club it is not enough.

“He had to take a step forward. I would say the same with Lacazette, look what he is transmitting, not just doing or playing, what he is transmitting. For me, that is really, really important…

“That is where I’m going, they lead by example and not only there but as well at the training ground.

“Certain things, a role they could have had three years ago in the squad, now it has changed.

“Human beings change themselves every six months, they have all new selves, and it’s incredible so we can adapt very quickly and manipulate and change our minds very quickly as well.

“They are doing that for the benefit of the club, but for sure for the benefit of themselves.”


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