Mikel Arteta: Arsenal coach invests in £20,000 Dutch Shepherd to protect his home from intruders

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In a bid to chase off home invaders, Arsenal coach, Mikel Arteta has joined other Premier League top players as a user of guard dogs in his home.

It was gathered that the former Manchester City manager, who had to move to London as a result of his new job splashed out £20,000 to acquire the service of the guard.

Other Premier League players using such dogs for their security include Aston Villa captain, Jack Grealish, Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba, his teammate, Marcus Rashford, former Arsenal midfielder, Jack Wilshere among others.

These are specially-trained pets meant to protect homes from intruders.

Why Mikel Arteta is using the £20,000 Dutch Shepherd

The recent investment in the Dutch Shepherd by the Arsenal boss is following a spate of thefts in UK homes.

With the pet at home, the Arsenal coach can rest assured that no intruder will have any chance in his home. It was gathered that Arteta bought the pet just before their FA Cup Final win over Chelsea.

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The Spaniard was photographed with a £20,000 Dutch Shepherd provided by Elite Protection Dogs, who provide an ‘exclusive dogs for exclusive people’ service.

Apart from Wilshere, who now plays for Premier League rivals West Ham United, also using Elite Protection Dogs, which he invested in a new large safety hound two weeks ago, Tottenham Hotspurs goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris also spent £15,000 on a Belgian Shepherd guard dog. This is happening some weeks ago after Spurs midfielder, Dele Alli was held at knifepoint by intruders.

Pogba, who also spent a similar fee on a guard dog got his from specialist protection firm Chaperone K9,. The same firm also provided dogs to his team-mates, Rashford and Phil Jones.

Meanwhile, Grealish released his Chaperone K9 to buy a Belgian Malinois back in May.

Reports also indicated that Man United players, Jesse Lingard and Aaron Wan-Bissaka have also hired the security hounds, while Everton striker, Moise Kean hired two guard dogs, worth £15,000 each, in June due to a spate of thefts in footballers’ homes in the country.

It could be seen that the sportsmen wanted something that will keep them and their families safe. They also wanted what will keep their families safe while concentrating on their job during the training sessions and real matches.

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