Merseyside Police Interrogates Cristiano Ronaldo For Alleged Assault

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The Merseyside Police has confirmed the interrogation of Cristiano Ronaldo for alleged assault and criminal damage. Ronaldo was caught in viral video footage in which he smashed the phone of Jacob Harding, an Everton fan, to the ground after a 1-0 loss at Goodison Park.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo angry after 1-0 loss to Everton

Cristiano Ronaldo’s frustration at Manchester United began last season after the club’s disappointing outing in the Premier League. The team struggled under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and interim manager Ralf Rangnick.

Everton was one of the underrated Premier League teams last season as they ended up battling vigorously to survive relegation under former Chelsea player and manager Frank Lampard. Yet, at Goodison Park, Frank Lampard secured an essential and crucial 1-0 win over Manchester United.

Ronaldo smashes phone off Harding’s hand

The post-match incident saw Cristiano Ronaldo trapped in a tawdry clash with an Everton fan who was taking a video of Man United players leaving the pitch after the game. What appeared to be a sublime incident to catch fun by the autistic Everton fan angered Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portugal international, who was obviously furious, smashed the phone off the hand of the 14-year-old.

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The Merseyside Police confirmed that they had interviewed a 37-year-old man who voluntarily answered Merseyside Police’s call for interrogation into a report of the alleged assault. The Merseyside Police confirmed that the matter has been dealt with through conditional caution and has been concluded.

Police interrogates Ronaldo

The decision of the Merseyside Police implies that Ronaldo will no longer be investigated or prosecuted after what transpired on April 9, 2022. Meanwhile, the mother of the victim has complained bitterly about the incident, given the vulnerability of her son, who is an autistic patient. According to her, Ronaldo’s action was very shocking and uncalled for.

Ronaldo issued a public apology to John Harding, the victim of the incident after the footage crept into the public domain. He apologized for his uncontrolled emotion and the difficulty of taming them at such tensed and difficult moments.

Ronaldo had offered a free ticket for Jacob Harding to watch the Man United match at Old Trafford, but the mother has rejected the offer asking for justice to be served.

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The Police handling of the interrogation has indicated that they may no longer proceed with further investigation of the matter as they have settled the case based on conditional caution, which forecloses any further attempt on investigation.

Jacob Hardings, 14, now has two options on his table whether to accept Ronaldo’s apology and attend a free Premier League match at Old Trafford or go with the Merseyside Police decision.

Since that is cleared for the Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo will now focus on pushing Manchester United to allow him to leave Old Trafford for a Champions League club. Recent reports claimed that Atletico Madrid is considering acquiring Ronaldo this summer but there is nothing concrete at the time of publishing this report.

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