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Meet the family of Kieran Trippie of Atlético Madrid [Photos]

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Kieran Trippie of Atlético Madrid is one of the players in the world who worked really hard to get to where he is right now. His failure to break into limelight through the Manchester City system where he had his first shot at professional football did not deter the England international from pushing hard enough for his desired limelight.

His love for more playing time and his fire to achieve more took him away from Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur to Spanish La Liga.

That same fire Kieran Trippie used to get his football career on the track he has been so happy about, is the same fire he has been using to keep his beautiful family glowing and growing despite his tight schedule as a football star.

Hence, the versatile defender can be said to be one of the footballers that has been using the coronavirus break to spend more time with his family and flaunt them on Instagram as much as he can.

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The 29-year-old Atlético Madrid right-back is happily married to his sweetheart Charlotte. Their wedding ceremony took place in Cyprus in June 2016.

Within 4 years of being husband and wife, they have been blessed with two beautiful children – a son named Jacob and born in December 2016; and a baby girl named Esme Rose born in February 2019.

Kieran Trippie is a Proud family man

Kieran Trippie and Charlotte
Kieran Trippie and Charlotte

A check on the Instagram page of Kieran Trippie showed that the former Tottenham player is really a proud family man.

He never misses the opportunity of marking his children and wife’s birthdays via his Instagram page. The player is also very sharp to remember anniversaries and women days which he always marks with stunning family pictures.

For instance, on March 22, 2020, he took to his Instagram account to share a series of pictures showing his wife, children and himself at choice locations just to wish his lover a happy Women’s Day.

Also on February 19, 2020, the Atletico Madrid star took to his Instagram account to share a picture collage of his daughter to mark the baby’s one year birthday.

Indeed, Kieran Trippie deserves a family man’s award for being so proud of his beautiful family.

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