Meet The £6m Magnificient New Home of Manchester City Star, Jack Grealish…See Photos

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Jack Grealish has made the headlines after his new £6m magnificent new home was brought to lamelight. The apartment, lustered with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, is a classic architectural design glittering with some of the best-known luxury facilitries and spaces.

Jack Grealish
Jack Grealish’s £6m new home is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and luxury facilities

Footballers are known for their luxurious and flamboyant lifestyles off the pitch. Jack Grealish has definitely given it a shot with his new 20-acres home.

Football is a physical game demanding strength, energy, and skills, but it is also one of the most rewarding sports – the fame, the money, and the fan base are all worth it.

Footballers are not always reluctant to splash their funds on expensive and extravagant lifestyles.

Former Aston Villa and Manchester City midfielder, Jack Grealish, is one of such stars, who has shown the life of luxury and bliss, football can afford.

A dive into Jack Grealish’s £6m stunning mansion is the tip of the iceberg.

The mansion is just a minute fraction of Jack Grealish’s earnings with Manchester City, but all bits of the £6m are well represented and counted in the estate.

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With all fairness to Grealish, his £6m seven-bedroom swanky new abode perfectly defines his taste and preferences.

Sources close to the Premier League star said he has an unquenchable taste for the finer things of life and always goes for it.

His new home is a perfect example of Grealish’s luxurious choices.

Since acquiring the new home this year, it has been the talk of the town and has curiously remained in media spotlights due to its magnificent features and facilities.

Located in the Northwest, Jack Grealish’s abode boasts a spaciously built helipad for landing and taking off of Helicopters.

There are state-of-the-art security facilities at strategic locations in the apartment.

There is also a swimming pool to freshen up after torrid and demanding games at Etihad and away from Etihad.

A swimming pool situated in the heart of the apartment

Another distinguishing facility is a moderate-sized fishing lake where the England star can wild out dull moments with a jocund fishing adventure.

Sources close to the multi-million pounds property have confirmed that it is a culmination of a dream for Jack Grealish, and anyone could be proud to own such a home.

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If Jack wants to throw parties behind the prying eyes of the media, his new abode offers him a perfect opportunity to accomplish that with ease.

Chilling, sunbathing, and fishing are all made easy for Grealish as the mansion has all these facilities in perfect condition.

Jack Grealish
A spacious garden larger than the size of Etihad

Also gracing the mansion is a blissful garden with a vegetable plot, golf course, and tennis court where the Manchester City star can diversify his choices and go for any that suits him at a time.

Matching other luxury facilities and features, Jack Grealish has not forgotten that he has to keep fit and be in top form. There is a well-equipped gym for his walkout and fitness checks.

The size of Jack Grealish’s Garden is what has astonished and baffled all. The garden beats his club’s stadium, Etihad.

It is not surprising, though, with the facilities situated in the garden to add luster to Grealish’s home

There is also a well-equipped and spacious kitchen glittering with its modern high-tech gadgets.

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Jack Grealish
A kitchen with high-tech facilities

Regarded as one of the safest properties in the North West, Grealish reportedly finalized the deal, transferring the ownership of the property into his hands as the legitimate owner, this year.

Jack Grealish’s new home is a perfect transition to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Before securing this £6m apartment, Jack Grealish managed a £1.7m detached house in Birmingham South while playing for Aston Villa.

After making a £100m move to Manchester City, Jack Grealish and his girlfriend Sasha Atwood settled for a rented flat in the city of Manchester.

The highly-rated star is indeed living his dream as a star in the game and has nothing to worry about. His form at Manchester City is perfect.

If not for anything, silencing and overwhelming the Manchester United midfield in the Manchester Derby was a great feat.

Jack Grealish is expected to blossom both in wealth and reputation in English football as long as he continues to stay on top of his game.

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