Meet Newcastle Sandro Tonali’s Stunning Wag Juliette Pastore

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After completing a move to Newcastle United, Sandro Tonali is expected to begin a new chapter of his career with his wag Juliette Pastore

Newcastle splashed out £65m to complete the signing of Sandro Tonali with Juliette Pastore expected to journey with Tonali as he opens a new chapter in his career.

Despite being romantically involved with Tonali, Pastore doesn’t want to be called a footballer wag. That may sound surprising as she is dating the Newcastle new man.

However, a dive into her lifestyle, choices, and preferences do offer glues on her person.

Who is Juliette Pastore?

Juliette Pastore is the lover and partner of Italian professional footballer and Newcastle star Sandro Tonali. She is known for her glam, outspoken, and flamboyant lifestyle. Juliette is also an Italian as her footballer lover.

What does Juliette Pastore do?

Juliette Pastore

Pastore takes pride in her craft and handiwork. She is a fashionista with a touch for class. Under her Instagram bio, the beautiful blonde boldly writes, “bad vibes don’t go with my outfit.”

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She deals on various designs for all age categories. Pastore links her fashion work with her company Juliet.24 Club, her own clothing label, where she regularly promotes her wares to close fans.

She designs her own clothes and wears and also works on second hand clothes modeling them into great outfits for his clients.

When did Juliette Pastore and Sandro Tonali meet?

Juliette Pastore

Pastore and Tonali have been sharing loved-up pictures of their romantic relationship although not frequent.

Italian media describes Juliette Pastore and Sandro Tonali’s relationship as ”on-off engagement” where they pair will share a snap and then varnish to the thin air before being spotted together again after a while.

According to reports, the pair temporarily broke up after the initial love affair before they came back again in 2021.

Sandro Tonali met Pastore while he was playing for Brescia in Italian league in 2019. However, the exact date they started their love journey is unknown.

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Juliette Pastore lifestyle

Juliette Pastore

Juliette Pastore is a typical Brescia babe, leading a glam and flamboyant lifestyle. She has over 120,000 followers on Instagram and regularly thrills them with snaps of her jocund adventures while also advertising her wares.

Once responding to trolls who called her a footballer’s wag, Juliette Pastore brags she worked and made her money long before she met Sandro Tonali and will not want to be labeled as a footballer’s wag because she carved out her career path and made a name for herself from childhood.

The stunning wag revealed she had started working as an advertising agent during her teens and was already making a headway with her career and getting paid.

“When I was 14-15, I started working in a shop in Brescia, I was advertising and I was paid regularly.”

She, however, confessed of the joy of finding love again with Sandro Tonali after the breakup.

“Getting lost and then finding each other again. There are loves that go around the world, immense turns, only to return even more beautiful.”

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Apart from focusing on her own clothing label, Juliet.24 Club, Pastore has featured in top lifestyle and fashion magazines in Italy and she has also bagged paid partnerships and endorsements with various fashion brands.

Juliette Pastore net worth

Juliette Pastore’s net worth is currently under review. There is no settled figure but there are estimations she could worth up £500,000 – £700,000.

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