Meet Inter Milan’s Stunning Wags As Inter Battle Manchester City For The UEFA Champions League Trophy Tonight

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Manchester City and Inter Milan are gearing up to compete in this year’s Champions League final tonight with the support of their enthusiastic wags.

Both teams will compete for the title in Istanbul, Turkey by 8 pm and will have the support of their families, including their fashionable wives and girlfriends.

Erling Haaland and Isabel Johansen

Manchester City footballers’ partners, including Isabel Johansen, girlfriend of Erling Haaland, Michele Lacroix, wife of Kevin De Bruyne, and Olivia Naylor, partner of Jonn Stones, have been spotted multiple times near the pitch to show their support for their significant halves.

On the Italian side, Lautaro Martinez and Edin Dzeko have the unwavering support of their glamorous wives Agustina and Amra, who will also be standing by them in tonight’s showpiece event.

The Italian squad will be supported by their amazing Wags ranging from a tattoo shop owner and a stunning Instagram model.

Here are Inter Milan footballer’s partners:

Agustina Gandolfo

Agustina Gandolfo is Lautaro Martinez’s adorable partner.

Lautaro Martinez and Agustina

Augustine Gandolfo grew up in Ushuaia, which is the southernmost city in Argentina.

From a tender age, she has been passionate about modeling and has maintained a strict diet and healthy food habits, which have greatly contributed to her incredible fitness.

Agustina Gandolfo

Augustine once dreamed of attending university, but instead, she chose to pursue a career as an Instagram model. This decision has resulted in her gaining a significant number of followers on her Instagram page.

Many admirers were captivated by her charming figure and irresistible aura.
The relationship between Augustine and Laura became public when Laura traveled from a racing club in Argentina to Inter Milan by plane.

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There is a belief that Wanda ICardi, the wife of Mauro ICardi, played a role in introducing Agustina to Lautaro.

As Lautaro and Agustina spent quality time together, sharing their interests and nurturing their friendship, they felt an indescribable connection and mutually decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Chiara Casiraghi

Chiara Casiraghi is the stunning girlfriend of Inter Milan star Joaquin Correa.

She was born on January 24, 2001, while her boyfriend was born on August 13, 1994. Joaquin is seven years older than Chiara.

It is believed that Chiara is the daughter of Plerlugi Casiraghi, a former professional footballer, and Barbara Letti.

Joaquin Correa and Chiara

After she and Joaquin announced their relationship, she gained popularity on social media.

Amra Dzeko

Amra Dzeko is the charming spouse of the renowned footballer, Edin Dzeko, who formerly played for Manchester City.

Anra started her career as a model at a young age and later became a renowned actress. She was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia on October 1, 1984, which makes her Bosnian.

Edin and Amra Dzeko

Erin and Amra have been in a relationship since 2011, when they first met and experienced an instant connection.

The couple began dating shortly after their initial meeting. Edin and Anra got married in a lavish wedding ceremony in 2014 after dating for three years.

Together, they have four children and a following of over 260,000 people.

Camilla Bresciani

Camilla Bresciani is the spouse of Alessandro Bastoni, a professional football player from Italy.

Inter Milan Wags
Camilla Bresciani

He currently serves as a center-back for Inter Milan and the Italian national team. He is widely regarded as one of the top center-backs in the world due to his exceptional timing on tackles and impressive ball-playing skills.

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Camilla was born in Italy, which makes her an Italian. The couple met each other in 2020 and have been courting ever since.

Federica Schievenin

Federica is the gorgeous partner of Nicolo Barella. She is a model who is popular on social media, as well as a sports scientist and influencer.

Inter Milan Wags
Federica Schieveni and Nicola Barella

She was born into a wealthy Italian family on March 19, 1990. She is Italian by nationality and presently residing in Italy.

She has a large number of followers on Instagram. It is believed that she spends several hours working out in the gym to maintain her physique.

Furthermore, her fashion sense immediately caught the attention of her fans.

However, her public relationship with Nicolo Barella resulted in an increase in her number of followers.

In 2015, Nicolo Barella, who was playing for Cagliari at the time, met Federica and started dating her before they tied the knot in July 2018. The couple have been blessed with three children.

Melanie Kamayou

Although she leads a luxurious WAG lifestyle, the elegant spouse of goalkeeper Andre Onana proudly identifies herself as a pharmacist on social media and prefers to be addressed as Dr.

Inter Milan Wags
Melanie Kamayou

The 26-year-old individual is both a model and a graduate of The Official Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

In addition, she serves as a co-chair for Onana’s philanthropic foundation, which is dedicated to supporting underprivileged children.

In 2019, the couple had a son named Andre Jr. Melanie. She enjoys giving her followers a peek into their family life through her social media accounts.

In addition, she enjoys sharing pictures of her extravagant lifestyle, which includes shopping and attending glamorous events. She also spends many hours cheering on her partner while he plays on the field.

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Jaimy Kenswiel

According to reports, Jaimy and Denzel met in 2014 during their teenage years, and they have been in a relationship ever since.

The 27-year-old Dutch beauty keeps her family life private but enjoys sharing updates about her luxurious lifestyle on social media with her fans.

Inter Milan Wags
Jaimy and Denzel

Based on her LinkedIn profile, she holds multiple roles including party planner, stylist, and CEO of Lovely Booth – a photobooth service that individuals can book for their special events.

When she’s not cheering for Denzel on the field, she enjoys relaxing by the pool at luxurious hotels all over the world and indulging in the cuisine of upscale restaurants.

Sinem Çalhanoğlu

Tonight, midfielder Hakan Çalhanoğlu will receive support from his wife Sinem as his club faces Man City.

The couple had known each other since childhood in Turkey, and eventually fell in love. They got married in 2017, but their relationship has faced challenges along the way.

Inter Milan Wags
Sinem Çalhanoğlu and Hakan Çalhanoğlu

According to reports, Sinem filed for divorce in 2018 due to a difficult period in their relationship. However, it appears that the couple has since reconciled and are now doing well.

The couple has two children, Liya and Ayaz, who live with them in Milan. Liya was born in 2019 and is now four years old, while Ayaz was born in 2021 and is one year old.

Sinem enjoys updating her 66,000 Instagram followers about her life when she’s not supporting Hakan.

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