Meet Daisy Amodio Who Help Premier League Players Propose To Their Wags


Shrewd London female entrepreneur, Daisy Amodio, has built a giant business helping footballers propose to their wags.

As football followership grows with a strong base of supporters, footballers have grown both in net worth, tastes and lifestyles.

Their romantic and love life has equally grown to match the demand of class, prestige, and value.

Such exponential shifts in footballer’s romance culture has created huge opportunities for romance entrepreneurs like Daisy Amodio.

While some footballers still prefer low-key marriage ceremonies, organized behind close doors with family members in attendance and few invitees, the engagement stage is usually glamorous.

Manchester United and Portugal defender Diogo Dalot made the headlines when he fell on his knee to proposed to the love of his life and fiancee, Claudia Lopes, in a luxuriously furnished five-star Shangri-La hotel.

Diogo Dalot propose to Claudia Lopes

Arsenal goalkeeper, Aaron Ramsdale, left no stone unturned as he dotted all ‘I’s and crossed all ‘T’s before proposing to his lover Georgina Irwin in a lush and beautifully furnished environment.

Ramsdale propose to Irwin

Daisy Amodio gleaned such gaps with her shrewd entrepreneurial drive and have filled the gap to raked in millions while helping footballers propose to their wags.

Daisy Amodio established what could be described as a ‘proposal logistics company’ named The proposers in 2012 to aid footballers serve their lovers the engagement ring in style, with the glamorous and class such events deserve.

The Sun reports the Proposers have organized over 4000 proposal events for top footballers and other sports athletes across the globe.

They have reportedly organize events in Paris in France, Dubai in United Arab Emirates, Santorini in Greece and the UK.

Daisy Amodio’s event signature

Daisy Amodio is said to charge as much as £20,000 per event; just a minute fraction of what modern footballers are earning with their respective clubs on weekly basis.

According to Daisy Amodio, his clients, mainly top sport athletes, are always willing and happy to pay £20k for the event and will always share them on social media thereafter.

She added the footballers all wants everything fresh and in order during the event while making it as fun-filled, glamorous, and memorable, as possible.

“Footballers proposal are always the easiest and most fun proposals to plan. They don’t do anything crazy, they just want everything to be fresh and the best of the best,” Daisy said.

Daisy Amodio

She added The Proposers also have plans for low-budget players and you don’t have to be a superstar on £400,000 per week before subscribing to the The Proposers’ services.

However, a player’s budget and his partners’ choices determines how the event is planned but it must always edge on perfection.

Who is Daisy Amodio?

Daisy Amodio is an international event planner, founder and CEO of The Proposers.

Daisy was born in Balham in London in 1983 and is known mainly for his career as a professional marriage and proposal planner.

Daisy Amodio maintains a strictly professional outlook on his bio and public appearances. She keeps a low profile on her private life.

How to contact The Proposers

Daisy Amodio has gone global. She organizes events across the world and her services are just a click away.

You can contact Proposers and book appointments via Daisy’s business website.


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