Mauricio Pochettino And His Circle Of Assistants That Could Take Charge Of Chelsea


Former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino is likely to be named Chelsea’s new manager before the end of this season.

Chelsea owner Todd Boehly is looking forward to employing its fourth manager, and the negotiations between the club and the Argentine are already in the advanced stages.

Pochettino will take over from Frank Lampard, who is likely to manage Chelsea till the end of the season as a caretaker manager. Pochettino will inherit a big squad capable of winning titles.

However, Pochettino may bring with him his trusted staff, which includes his wife and son. These are Pochettino’s trusted staff.

1. Justin Perez

The 51-year-old assistant manager saw himself as Mauricio Pochettino’s extension. Both of them started their Premier League careers with Southampton.

Perez convinced Pochettino to take the Southampton job despite his difficulties speaking English.

Mauricio Pochettino’s friendship with Perez has been for a very long time. He started working with Pochettino based on being the only manager who knows prototype match analysis software.

Perez was also obsessed with fitness; he helped get players fit for every match while he was at Tottenham and Southampton.

His fitness philosophy was traced to having made Harry Kane one of the players in the Premier League who hardly goes through injuries.

2. Miguel D’Agostino, Assistant Coach

While Mauricio Pochettino was playing for Newell Old Boys in Argentina under former Leeds manager Marco Biesla, he formed a close relationship with his fellow defender, D’Agostino.

The big center back had a distinguished career that saw him play in Chile, Ecuador, France, Mexico, and Spain before he hung up his boots in 2003.

D’Agostino began his coaching career starting with Canet-en-Rousillon, before moving to Brest and Dubai CSC.

Mauricio Pochettino

He was invited by Mauricio Pochettino to Espanyol in 2009, where he started as the Spanish club scout. He later became part of the coaching staff and was there to provide Pochettino with analysis.

3. Toni Jimenez

The goalkeeper coach started his career at Barcelona before moving to Atletico Madrid and Espanyol. His best international career came while he was performing for Spain in the 1992 Olympics.

The goalkeeper won the 1992 Olympics with Pep Guardiola and former Spain manager Luis Enrique.

Mauricio Pochettino

When he retired from football, he joined Mauricio Pochettino at Espanyol. Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Llories had commended the coaching abilities of Jimenez and Pochettino.

4. Sebastiano Pochettino

He is the son of the manager. Sebastiano began working with his father at Tottenham in 2016 as a sports scientist and fitness coach.

Before his appointment as a working staff member at Tottenham, he went to Southampton University to study applied sports science.

When his father joined PSG, Sebastiano moved in with his father to study the integrative biology of adaptations to exercise for health and performance in France.

Mauricio Pochettino

Sebastiano Pochettino specializes in injury prevention and conditional training.

5. Karina Pochettino 

She is the wife of Mauricio Pochettino and is the most trusted person for the Argentine manager. Mauricio met Karina at a night club in 1991.

Both of them got married four years later, while he was playing at Newell.

Mauricio Pochettino

She lives a private life and frequently intervenes when her husband is having decision crisis. For instance, she was behind the motion of the manager moving to Southampton in 2013 even though he understands little English.


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