Matteo Guendouzi celebrates his wife, Maë Rfsk’s birthday

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Matteo Guendouzi took to his Instagram page on Saturday, December 5, to flaunt a picture of himself posing beside his lover who can best be identified as Maë Rfsk. In the caption, he wished the young lady a happy birthday and called her his wife.

“Happy birthday to my lovely wife. You are the best, I love you”, the Hertha BSC midfielder wrote in the caption.

It has been known since 2019 that the 21-year-old Arsenal‘s midfielder who is currently on loan at a German Bundesliga side, Hertha BSC, is in a relationship. He has flaunted the pictures of the lady a couple of times on his Instagram page which has just 874 thousand followers.

The first time he went public with the damsel was in July 2019 when he took to his Instagram page to share a picture showing when he posed beside her in a holiday resort. In the caption, Matteo Guendouzi simply wrote “Baecation” with love emoji.

After that, the next big picture he shared to re-announce his relationship with the lady was a picture he shared on the first of January 2020. In the picture, the French under-21 midfielder lapped the girl as cozily as possible; they both wore an all-white attire. He used the caption to wish his fans a happy new year.

After the three months coronavirus induced break from football was over in June and Matteo Guendouzi was involved in a controversy that put him in the bad books of the club’s coach Mikel Arteta, the French footballer used the girl to show the world that he was having fun despite being ignored at Arsenal.

Recall that on June 20, 2020, Guendouzi clashed with Brighton striker Neal Maupay during a Premier League match involving Arsenal and Brighton. The Frenchman was pictured grabbing the throat of the striker at the end of the match.

Though the English FA didn’t penalize him for the offense, Arsenal’s coach Mikel Arteta decided to carry out disciplinary action against him by not featuring him in the club’s subsequent matches.

This brought about a divided opinion on the part of the fans as most of them believed that Matteo Guendouzi deserved a second chance at the club. But their opinion couldn’t change much as the Frenchman had to leave the club on the last day of the 2020 summer transfer window on loan to Hertha BSC.

Before he left the club, he did not participate in the celebration of Arsenal’s FA Cup victory. Instead, he shared a picture showing when he and Maë Rfsk were holidaying at an unknown destination.

Matteo Guendouzi holidaying with his lover, Maë Rfsk, while Arsenal were celebrating their FA Cup triumph last season.
Matteo Guendouzi holidaying with his lover, Maë Rfsk, while Arsenal were celebrating their FA Cup triumph last season.

Amid all these controversies, there have been speculations that the 21-year-old footballer will get married to Maë Rfsk this year but when he left London for Germany, nothing has been heard about the plan.

After rigorous research, the best that is known about Guendouzi’s lover is that she using the name Maë Rfsk on Instagram and she has 5,557 followers. She also posted on her bio that she resides in Paris and Berlin, which means that she spends a lot of time with the footballer at his new base in Germany.

Her age is not known yet but she should be around the same age group as Matteo Guendouzi based on her looks. In one of the pictures he shared on her page in December 2019, she described the French footballer as a fiancee. All the same, we wish them a happy union and we wish Maë Rfsk a happy birthday.

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