Mason Greenwood: Some players at Manchester United are not happy that top stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Edison Cavani abandoned Greenwood over rape and assault scandal


The dressing room of Manchester United is said to be in crisis over the way some superstars at the club including Cristiano Ronaldo and Edison Cavani abandoned Mason Greenwood over the rape and assault scandal hanging on his neck.

Futballnews had reported that most of the football stars at the club decided to cut ties with Mason Greenwood by unfollowing him on Instagram over the rape and assault allegations he has been battling with since January 31, 2022.

Recall that Mason Greenwood started making headlines for the wrong reasons on Sunday, January 31, 2022, when his girlfriend, Harriet Robson shared some implicating pictures and clips on social media. Harriet used the content of the pictures and clips to allege that Mason Greenwood sexually and physically assaulted her.

Immediately the pictures and clips which she has deleted from her Instagram account went viral, the Greater Manchester police commenced an investigation into the scandal and subsequently arrested him.

On the other hand, Manchester United released a press statement to announce that the 20-year-old English winger has been suspended indefinitely. Even American sportswear company Nike had to suspend its relationship with the footballer.

Greenwood spent three nights in police custody before he was released on bail while the police continue to gather evidence to prosecute him.

Even though the court is yet to sit or adjudge him guilty of the rape, assault, and threats to life allegations hanging on the footballer’s neck, many are already treating him like a convicted person.

The fact that it is gradually looking like the popular phrase “innocent until proven guilty” does not apply to Greenwood, has become a source of crisis in the dressing room of Manchester United.

Mason Greenwood: Some players at Manchester United are not happy that top stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Edison Cavani abandoned Greenwood over rape and assault scandal
Cristiano Ronaldo is among the football stars at Manchester United that unfollowed Mason Greenwood amid his rape and assault scandal.

Most first-team players at the club, are not happy with how some top stars at the club have been handling the Greenwood scandal especially the fact that some of them had to dissociate themselves from him on Instagram.

Reports claimed that the fact that some top stars at the club have unfollowed Greenwood has inspired some footballers at the club to do the same.

A source told a United Kingdom publication, The Sun, that a particular player at the club who was not named has questioned the unity of the team since some of the team members have dissociated themselves from Greenwood due to his ongoing ordeal.

The source said: “One player, in particular, is furious about it. He feels that ditching Mason shows they are not together.

“If Mason is convicted of what he has been accused of, then clearly all the players will be horrified.

“But the police haven’t even decided if they have enough evidence to charge him or not yet.

“Some of those closest to him feel the course of justice should be allowed to run.

“But when some of the players started dumping him, they felt they had to as well.

“One of the players said it showed how the squad wasn’t together and showed that too many times they act as individuals.”

Before the report that there is a crisis in Manchester United’s dressing room over Greenwood’s scandal, the interim coach of the club, Ralf Ragnick had said the ongoing Mason Greenwood scandal has been a “topic” at the club.

While noting that the team has been having a series of discussions over the scandal, the coach stressed that “everyone will understand those internal discussions should stay internal. It’s an unusual situation for everybody”, he added.


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