Mason Greenwood: Reactions as Getafe Fans Welcome Embattled Youngster With ‘MasonMania’ Campaign


Getafe fans welcomed Mason Greenwood with a “MasonMania” campaign on social media after the Spanish side signed him on loan from Manchester United.

The campaign featured videos and photos of Mason Greenwood greeting and posing for photos with young supporters, with the hashtag #MasonMania.

The campaign was met with criticism from critics, who accused Getafe of being “tone deaf” and “having zero shame” given the serious allegations that Greenwood faced.

Mason Greenwood was arrested in January 2022 on suspicion of rape, sexual assault, and threats to kill. The charges against him were dropped in June 2022, but he remains under investigation by the police.

Getafe defended the campaign, saying that they were simply welcoming a new player to the club. However, the club’s decision to promote Mason Greenwood so heavily has damaged their reputation and alienated some of supporters.

Mason Greenwood

It remains to be seen how Mason Greenwood will be received by the Getafe fans when he makes his debut for the club. However, the “MasonMania” campaign has certainly made his arrival a controversial one.

Some critics blasted the fans’ “MasonMania” campaign for the English star.

A critic wrote, “Getafe have to be the most tone deaf club I’ve ever seen in my life. Read the room.” Another said, “this is all a bit mental. How can they be so insensitive?” Another added, “I’m disgusted by this. Getafe have lost a lifelong fan.”

It is clear that the “MasonMania” campaign has caused a lot of anger and resentment among some critics in Spanish mainstream media. The club will need to do a lot of work to repair their reputation if they want to win the support of sections of Spanish media and critics.


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