Marcelo’s Son, Enzo Alves, Hits Ronaldo’s ‘Siuu’ At His Graduation

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Marcelo’s eldest son, Enzo Alves, hit Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous ‘siuuu’ celebration at his graduation ceremony.

Enzo Alves, Hits Ronaldo's 'Siuu' At His Graduation

The youngster uploaded a video of the siuuu on his Instagram story, and football lovers, especially Ronaldo fans, were ecstatic.

Enzo is also a member of Real Madrid’s youth academy at the moment, a club in which his father is a bonafide legend.

Marcelo, before he left the club, made 546 appearances for the team and won five UEFA Champions Leagues, among other trophies.

Enzo Alves, who signed his first professional contract with Real Madrid last December, has swiftly garnered recognition for his exceptional talent and accomplishments within the club’s academy.

His impressive performance earned him a call-up to Spain’s U15 national team after he snubbed Brazil for Spain.

Enzo thrives as a forward on the opposite end of the pitch even though his father, Marcelo was a renowned defender.

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Enzo Alves has scored over 100 goals for Real Madrid, and he continues to balance his passion for the sport with his academic pursuits.

The video showed the moment the 13-year-old eagerly performed Ronaldo’s signature ‘Siuuu’ celebration before receiving his graduation certificate.

This further leaves no doubt about his massive excitement for both football and his academic pursuit.

Enzo’s father, Marcelo, formed a partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo on Real Madrid’s left flank during their time together in the Spanish capital.

Enzo Alves, Hits Ronaldo's 'Siuu' At His Graduation

Together, they played 332 matches, combining for 33 goals at Real Madrid.

The goals Ronaldo scored which were assisted by Marcelo were mostly headed goals and that was Real Madrid’s main attacking weapon.

The duo won 17 trophies together as teammates at the Spanish giant’s team.

Enzo Alves

Enzo Gattuso Alves Vieira is a Brazilian-born Spanish player who was born on 24 September, 2009 and plays for Real Madrid academy.

Enzo is the eldest son of Real Madrid legend Marcelo and the elder brother of Liam who was born on 1 September, 2015.

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Enzo Alves, who is only 13, signed for Real Madrid on December 3rd, 2022.

Unlike his father, who is a defender, Alves plays as a forward for the under-13 side.

Alves is highly rated at Madrid’s academy because of his pace and power.

Enzo Alves also isn’t afraid to break out Cristiano Ronaldo’s SIU celebration whenever he scores.

Enzo became an overnight social media sensation after his bin challenge video was uploaded online by his father Marcelo.

The viral clip showed Enzo heading the ball back and forth with some Real Madrid stars, including Luka Modric and Casemiro, in the Santiago Bernabeu’s changing room.

Enzo Alves impressively succeeds in the challenge, putting the ball in the bin, much to the excitement and celebration of the Real Madrid players.

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