Manuel Nuer: Taxi Driver who drove 120km to return wallet blasts the German Goalkeeper for sending him a jersey instead of money

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Manuel Nuer: A taxi driver who traveled 120 kilometers (74.5 miles) to return the German keeper’s missing wallet was “bitterly disappointed” by the results of his efforts.

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According to reports, the driver, identified as “Hazir S.,” took Neuer and a buddy from Munich’s Odeonsplatz to an apartment complex in the Lehel neighborhood, according to Sky Germany.

Hazir “immediately” recognized Neuer, although he stayed away from the Bayern Munich goalie. The taxi driver completed a brief journey to the footballer’s destination before he continued with his daily routine.


Later on, when the driver was cleaning his vehicle, he came across something odd. It was Neuer’s wallet which the goalkeeper forgot in the driver’s car earlier.

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Neuer’s name and address were clearly visible on a card, so Hazir knew it was his wallet. Additionally, there were “possibly” 800 euros, a Platinum Visa Card, and a black Mastercard in the wallet.

The cab driver was determined to give the wallet back to its owner, and with the help of a bystander, he was able to bring the wallet and contact information to Neuer’s manager in Tegernsee, a town in the Miesbach district of Bavaria.

Hazir was “outraged” two weeks later when he received a jersey in the mail without making any remarks. “The finder’s fee is ridiculous. I have four children,” he said via Sky Germany. “I can’t do anything with the jersey.”

The cab driver was dissatisfied with the alleged payment after traveling at least 120 miles to deliver the wallet, especially given that he reportedly spent €400 on the trip.

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A finder is entitled to five percent of the value of an item that is valued at €500 under European law. Only 3% more is charged for items costing more than €500.

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Given the reported amount of money in Neuer’s wallet, this implies that the finder is entitled to €34, which is actually less than the worth of a Bayern jersey.

A Bayern shirt may typically be sold for close to one hundred euros. Despite this, Hazir asserted that he deserved more than a jersey having spent a total of €400.

In reality, if someone were to make such a sacrifice to get a lost item to you or anyone else, the least you could do is offer them some sort of compensation, even if it’s just to make up for the stress they had to go through.

Nowadays, people no longer perform good deeds, especially when they are under stress and it is to their detriment. This is an illustration of how nobody would have suspected if the driver had fled with the wallet. But he decided to return it and felt let down in return.

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If you were Manuel Nuer, how would you have handled this? Please share your thoughts in the space provided below.

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