Manuel Locatelli Shares Weekend Picture With Son Theo

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Manuel Locatelli took to his Instagram page to share an image of him carrying out weekend fatherly duty with his son Theo.

Manuel Locatelli Shares Weekend Picture With Son Theo

From the image he shared, the midfielder can be seen holding and kissing his son Theo on the cheek.

Though the face of his son was not revealed in the image he shared, Locatelli was seen all dressed up in a different attire from the regular football kits.

He wore a white shirt with grey pants coupled with a fancy necktie – more like a stock broker or an advanced banker.

He captioned the image he shared with: “Weekend Dad style 😂❤️.”

The Juventus star, Manuel Lucatelli, who is from Lecco, turned 25 in January and welcomed his first son together with partner Thesse Lacovich in March.

The couple got married in June 2022 in a splendid location in Florence. Few weeks after the orange blossomed, they shared news of pregnancy.

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Returning to a joyous occasion, Manuel and Thessa shared a photo on Instagram with a caption: “10.03.23 – Theo Locatelli. The greatest gift of life,” as their son arrived. This means Theo was born on March 10, 2023.

Manuel Locatelli

Italian player Manuel Locatelli Cavaliere OMRI was born on 8th January 1998. He plays as a midfielder for Serie A giants on loan from Sassuolo.

He is also a member of the Italy National Team.

Locatelli made his professional debut with AC Milan after coming through from Milan’s youth system, he also helped them win the 2016 Supercoppa Italiana.

Before going on loan to Juventus, Locatelli transferred from AC Milan to Sassuolo in 2018.

Since joining Juventus in 2021, Locatelli has developed himself as a top midfielder using his understanding of the league as an advantage.

Manuel Locatelli Shares Weekend Picture With Son Theo

Manuel Locatelli plays for the Italian National Team at the international level and was in the team that won the UEFA Euro in 2020.

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Thessa Lacovich

Manuel Locatelli’s wife Thessa Lacovich was born on the 22nd of March 1998 in Costa Rica. Aside being the wife of the Juventus star, she likes keeping things private.

Thessa graduated from the Catholic University of Sacred Heart with an Advertising Degree and later pursued a Master in Digital Communication Startegy.

Thessa is a digital marketing specialist and with her advanced studies, she was able to build grounds in the marketing sector.

She is also quite famous on Instagram with a fanbase of 107, 000 followers and its still growing.

Manuel Locatelli and Thessa Lacovich’s Relationship

Manuel Locatelli met his then-girlfriend Thessa in 2017 while they were still teenagers. They fell in love and started dating almost immediately.

The pair have maintained discretion regarding their relationship for a very long time and that gives a reason why most fans were unaware of their romance.

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Their relationship came into the limelight after Thessa moved in with Manuel. The pair were unmarried as at then.

Locatelli popped up the big question and Thessa agreed to his proposal, and in 21 June 2022, he got married to Thessa Lachovic.

How Good Is Locatelli On The Field?

Locatelli is a deep-lying midfielder who usually operates in an attacking role in front of the team’s defense in a similar style to that of his Idol Andrea Pirlo.

He is a versatile midfielder who can also play in a 4-3-3 formation or as a box-to-box midfielder.

Manuel Locatelli Shares Weekend Picture With Son Theo

He was occasionally used as an attacking midfielder, a position he used to play when he was an amateur before moving to a deeper role.

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