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Manchester United striker Odion Ighalo speaks on a permanent move from Shanghai Shenhua ” No Offer from Manchester United”

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Manchester United striker, Odion Ighalo has revealed that the club has not offered him a contract yet, he, however, stated that God will direct him over future decisions. The 30-year-old attacker reacted to different speculation surrounding his future in Old Trafford as he gets closer to the ending of his loan spell in the English club.

Odion Ighalo made a miraculous return to Premier League back in January 2020 after his Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua agreed to send the attacker on 6 months loan to Manchester United. Meanwhile, his signature for the Red Devils came with a lot of criticism from football critics who have believed that his recruitment into the team has shown how bad Manchester United recruitment standard has fallen.

However, the former Watford striker was able to prove critics wrong having scored four goals in about eight appearances. His impressive stat generated lots of reactions from people, they opined that the club would extend Ighalo’s contract in the club. Meanwhile, the 30-year-old striker is also quite keen on extending his stay in Old Trafford which has been his dream for years.

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Moreover, Shanghai Shenhua also has plans to bring back the striker into the Chinese League with a contract extension that will have him earn a whopping sum of £400,000 weekly which is four times bigger than the amount he earns in Manchester United.

Apparently, Ighalo has two choices to make, he can choose to remain in Manchester United if the club is willing to extend his stay or he returns to China where he can make more money. Different reports have been circulating the media with some stating that the striker will remain in Old Trafford while others believe he will go to China to make more money.

Odion Ighalo has decided to give another hint over his future in Old Trafford while speaking with Elegbete TV, he said: “There is no offer on the table yet.

“Because the season is still on and I’m yet to finish my loan deal. I don’t just take decisions alone in my life. I have a principle and I have a guideline for everything I do. I always pray to God to direct me.

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“I have seen so many tweets about this. I have seen so many people going crazy, [saying] ‘go back to China‘, some say stay with Man United.

“Have you seen me say a word? I don’t have anything to say. When the season’s finished and I get two offers from the two teams, then I will sit and think about it, pray about it and whatever God says I should do, I will go with that.

“I don’t just sit down and take decisions, and I don’t get carried away with whatever people say. I came to Manchester United to play for a pay cut because I wanted to. So anything could happen, but I want the season to finish and my loan to finish. Then I will see everything I have.

“You don’t just rush and do things: ‘I’m going here, I’m going here’. I have to sit down and finish the season well, sit down with my agent, see what’s on the ground: A, B, C, D, is on the ground. Okay we have to pick.”

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