Manchester United Shares Price Drip as Glazers Family Holds on to The Ownership of The Club


There has been a dip in Manchester United shares price because the Glazers are still holding on to ownership of the club, with negotiations going on between them and the two frontrunners for United’s takeover (Sheikh Jassim and Sir Jim Ratcliffe).

Former Qatar Prime Minister Sheikh Jassim and Sir Jim Ratcliffe of INEOS are patiently waiting for Glazer’s final decision after submitting the final bid on April 28, 2023.

Sheikh Jassim is bidding for 100% of the club, while INEOS CEO Jim Ratcliffe wants a 69% stake in the club.

It was reported that the Glazers may go for Sheikh Jassim because of the money offered, which was around £5 billion.

Sheikh Jassim looking nice

However, the club are currently in a state of limbo, with doubt growing over whether the Glazers family is ready to sell the club.

The owners could decide to sell a minority stake, with Elliott Investment Management hoping to buy the minority to make the Glazers stay. If this happens, there is going to be a huge protest from the fans.

The fans are already showing their frustration, as they want the American owners to leave the club after buying it on debt leverage in 2005.

The Manchester United Stadium

Many fans want total sales and don’t want the Glazers family lingering around the club.

Manchester United’s bid is not tied to Champions League qualification.

The £6 billion value stated by the Glazers family will not experience any drop even if the club fails to qualify for next season’s Champions League.

Manchester United
Sir Jim Ratcliffe in Old Trafford

Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim didn’t include any clauses while submitting bids for the club.

Manchester United are currently finding it difficult to win matches. They suffered their second back-to-back defeat in the Premier League.

The Erik Ten Hag men are in fourth place on the Premier League table, with archrivals Liverpool behind them by one point.

Manchester United
Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Manchester United CEO Arnold

Another loss may be the end of the Red Devils’ Champions League dream. If the club fails to qualify, it will be difficult for them to attract the best players in the world.

Also, investment in the squad will be minimal, with Ten Hag likely to make use of the same squad next season.

The Dutch manager is in the dark about the next transfer window because of the issue of ownership. Ten Hag is currently in need of a new striker, a midfielder, a right-back, and a goalkeeper.

Manchester United
The Glazers family and Sir Jim Ratcliffe

It is going to be a long transfer window if the club’s takeover saga is not finalized before the beginning of the window. Every manager wants his own club to be done with transfers to be able to prepare for next season.

Manchester United
Sir Jim Ratcliffe in the OGC Nice Stadium

However, Ten Hag still wants to finish this season with another trophy after winning the Carabao Cup. Although he has to defeat Manchester City on June 3, 2023, to win the second trophy in his first season,

What do you think about the drop in Manchester United shares? Will the Glazers still remain the owners of the club at the beginning of the next transfer window?


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