Manchester United Beat Liverpool 2:1 to Register Their First Win of The 22/23 Premier League Season

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Manchester United on Monday night beat struggling Liverpool 2-1 thanks to awesome goals from Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford at Old Trafford.

Manchester United Beat Liverpool 2:1 To Register Their First Win Of The 22/23 Premier League Season

Klopp and ten Hag hugged each other warmly followed by lots of grins, giggles, and back-slapping. This wasn’t available when Fergie and Rafa were in charge. Anyway, that was then, and this is now. Liverpool started things off as the much anticipated Premier League game took off in style.

By the way, Old Trafford has a unique vintage vibe. The ball was bouncing about the store as both sides made snap tackles. With tons of speed, United appeared more aggressive.

McTominay nearly set up Rashford for a goal in the fourth minute when he snuck a pass through the middle. The United striker’s surge was stopped as Van Dijk crossed the field.

Just after United’s onslaught, Diaz rolled a pass down the inside-left channel for Milner, who nearly found space in the box to fire but was soon crowded out by a Varane and Martinez combination.

Alexander-Arnold won the struggle by sticking out a toe as Elanga started his first run down the left.

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United nearly scored in the 10th minute, but they struck the post. For Fernandes, who dribbled and hooked the ball away from Gomez and Van Dijk and into the center for Elanga, McTominay slipped a pass down the inside right side for the Portuguese attacking midfielder.

He faced off against Alisson, defeated the goalkeeper, and swept the ball toward the bottom-right corner. But the ball sailed away after bouncing off the post.

Liverpool came dangerously close to giving up the opening goal for the seventh straight game.

Malacia and Eriksen executed a one-two in the 16th minute, and Malacia then entered the box from the left side.

Manchester United Beat Liverpool 2:1 To Register Their First Win Of The 22/23 Premier League Season

Sancho, who was positioned to shoot into the bottom right but dummied, put Milner on his bum and slid instead into the bottom left, which was the one he pulled back for.

It was unclear why Van Dijk, who was in a position to close down United’s striker when Sancho and Alisson were in front of him, made no move to do so as United scored the game’s opening goal.

Nothing should be taken away from United’s fine performance, though. What a fantastic move, and Sancho finished with a bang.

Diaz and Elliott executed a one-two on the edge of the box as Liverpool attempted to retaliate, but the former curled a shot wide right.

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Early in the second half, it was already apparent that Liverpool was taking up the pace. Martinez fouled Milner on the right touchline. Alexander-Arnold crossed over to take the free kick as they loaded the box.

With allegations that his ball inside hit a hand, Rashford probed to the left, but the referee showed no interest.

Then, on the same wing, Elliott nipped Malacia to the ground. Free kick successfully cleared. However, that was a strong response to Liverpool’s quick second-half start.

Then, in the 53rd minute, Martial easily beat Van Dijk to a loose ball in the middle by spinning and slipping Rashford through the middle.

Rashford confidently smashed the ball into the bottom left after advancing towards the Liverpool area and drawing Alisson.

Rashford’s simple effort provided Manchester United its second goal, extending their two-goal lead over Liverpool at Old Trafford.

Rashford wasn’t offside, and after a VAR assessment to confirm the goal, there was another roar. Rashford terrorized Alexander-Arnold here four years ago, and after being shifted to the left for this second half, Ten Hag charged him with doing it again.

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Manchester United Beat Liverpool 2:1 To Register Their First Win Of The 22/23 Premier League Season

Lastest Manchester United’s signing Casemiro was seen in the VIP stands as he waves to the United fans as the camera showed him.

In the 81st minute, David de Gea made an incredible save, but United couldn’t clear the corner.

Salah headed the ball into the bottom right from close range after Elliott had a speculative whack from the edge of the box.

Liverpool looked like they were up to something in the last 20 minutes of the game thanks to that goal from Salah, but it was not enough to share the spoils with United.

Salah, who wanted a speedy restart, and Fernandes, who didn’t, got into some silly stuff.

They fought as Fernandes tucked the ball into his chest. Fernandes alleged that he had been struck in the face, but the referee told both of them to grow up.

When the final whistle blows, United has earned their first victory of the year. They overtook Liverpool in the standings, and Old Trafford gave their new-look heroes the standing ovation they deserved for their 2-1 triumph.

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