Manchester City v Liverpool… The match between the two best teams in the premier league was a tie


Manchester City v Liverpool Premier League match was a big game to watch, both teams are the top two teams on the Premier League table and only 1 point separates both of them.

Liverpool is number 2 on the Premier League table with 73 points, while Manchester City was number 1 as of today April 10, 2022, with 74 points. The race to the 2022 Premier League title remains close and it may remain so until the last day of the league matches.

Both teams have played 31 games so far, and about 6 – 8 matches left for each of them to play before the end of the Premier League on May 22, 2020.

Liverpool’s schedule for the remainder of the season: Liverpool has 8 games left for this season. And they will have to win more games than Manchester City to be able to win the Premier League trophy this season.

Liverpool may drop points when they play against Manchester United on April 19, they may also lose on May 7th to Tottenham. These two games may be the title decider for Liverpool, if they lose any of these matches, Manchester City will run away with the Premier League trophy.

Manchester City’s schedule for the rest of the season: Manchester City has about 6 games left to play this season and they are not expected to drop any points all through the rest of the season. This will put City at advantage and they’ll be well-positioned to win the Premier League title this season.

Today’s match between Manchester City and Liverpool ended in a 2 – 2 draw, it was fast and electrifying and some sports analysts think that it is better than the El Classico.

Manchester City v Liverpool match highlights video.


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