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Man City’s Kyle Walker to Marry Annie After heartbreaks

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Manchester City defender Kyle Walker has finally agreed to marry Annie Kilner, the mother of his first three children – Roman, Riaan and Reign. He proposed marriage to her two months after Lauryn Goodman, her second baby mama gave birth to his 4th child.

The report that Kyle Walker was seeing Lauryn came out in 2019 and the scandal cost him his relationship with Annie Kilner who has been his childhood love. The relationship completely collapsed when Annie discovered that the Manchester City star was not only seeing Lauryn but he has impregnated the Instagram model.

After the breakup, Annie never fails to tell the world how she is always willing to accept the Manchester City star back into her life because of their three children and how she has always wanted to have her family together.

Kyle Walker and Annie
Kyle Walker and Annie

The 30-year-old England international has also not shied away from admitting that he has always wanted to spend the rest of his life with the 27-year-old mother of his first three children. He reportedly went as far as describing his time with Lauryn as not being as serious as the love he has for Annie.

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So, this week, Kyle Walker reportedly hired a decorator to decorate a hallway with a giant floral heart of white roses, scattered petals and candles to create a romantic atmosphere for his mission to win back the heart of Annie. The Premier League star kneel to ask his long time lover to take him back and the mother of his children expectedly said yes despite the cheating scandal already linked to him.

The spot Kyle Walker proposed to Annie Kilner
The spot Kyle Walker proposed to Annie Kilner

Recall that Walker first made headlines in March 2019 when he was reportedly caught having sex with a reality TV star Laura Brown in his £200,000 Bentley.

The news infuriated Annie to the extent that she had to kick him out of their £6 million Manchester home where they have been staying with their three kids. It was when this report was dying down that another report went viral that the Manchester City star had impregnated Lauryn who gave birth to a boy in April 2020.

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Kyle Walker and Annie
Kyle Walker and Annie

Also in April, Walker was everywhere in the news that he had a night party with his friend and two strippers amid the coronavirus lockdown. The ladies and his other friend were not identified but Annie would not want all that to bother her love for the football star.

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