Vanzeir Dante Own Up to Using Racial Slurs in Major League Soccer Match Between New York Red Bull Vs San Jose Earthquake Match

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Belgium forward, Vanzeir Dante, has owned up to using racial slurs in Major League Soccer match between San Jose Earthquakes and New York Red Bull.

Vanzeir Dante own up to using racial slurs during San Jose game.

The heated clash between the two sides was nearly grind to a halt when San Jose player Jeremy Ebobisse said he has heard a racial remark from a New York Red Bull player.

The center referee was forced to temporarily halt play and address the two sides as tension simmered on the pitch when San Jose Earthquakes player Jeremy Ebobisse alleged a racist remark from a New York Red Bull player.

San Jose Earthquakes players nearly walked off the pitch and abandon the game before the center referee addressed the tensions for some minutes before play resume.

The visitors had taken the lead in the game and were cruising to victory but were forced to a 1-1 draw after New York Red Bull scored in the 107th minute.

Major League Soccer
San Jose player Jeremy Ebobisse said New York Red Bull player hurled racial slurs during Major League Soccer match

Instead of the normal 90 minutes and usual 4 or 5 minutes regulation time, the referee added 21 minutes due to the long halt in play during the tensed moments in the game.

San Jose player, Ebobisse later gave an insight on what actually transpired during the game in post match press conference but still refused to mention the name of the player because the “anonymous player” in question admitted the remark was not directed at anybody.

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The referee halt play and talked with players from both sides when San Jose players threatened to walk off the game

He said the racist remark was not aimed at Jeremy Ebobisse, but the speaker (Vanzeir Dante) actually used the foul language. Ebobisse added that it is now left for investigators to unravel the rest as to who the remark was aimed at.

He also added he expects a “robust investigations” into the incident which will clear all lingering uncertainties and denials.

“The person who used the language said it was not aimed at us but we expect a robust investigations into the incident.”

When asked whether San Jose Earthquakes players were ready to abandon the game and walk off the pitch, Ebobisse said all options for a reaction was on the table, but the players were talked back to continue the game with the hope an investigation will be launched into the incident.

Major League Soccer
21 minutes extra time was added to the game after tensions subsided

“We wanted to walked off the pitch but had to manage our emotions well when under pressure. We later decided to continue after the intervention of the referee.”

MLS reacts

After news of the racism row surfaced, MLS released their official statement reiterating their unyielding opposition to all forms of racism and their decision to immediately proceed on investigation on the matter.

The Major League Soccer statement reads;

‘Major League Soccer is aware of an incident wherein a New York Red Bulls player is alleged to have used language that violates league policy during the 54th minute of the New York Red Bulls vs. San Jose Earthquakes match tonight.

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‘MLS has zero tolerance for abusive and offensive language and takes these allegations seriously. An investigation into this matter will begin promptly. Further information will be provided upon completion of that investigation.”

New York Red Bull react

New York Bull who is in contract with the said player have also confirmed the incident but maintained the club does not condone any form of racism and will cooperate with relevant authorities on investigation into the incident.

New York Red Bull statement reads;

‘It was brought to our attention during Saturday’s match that one of our players allegedly used a racial slur.

‘The New York Red Bulls take these matters very seriously and promptly reported the allegations to Major League Soccer. We will cooperate with the league’s investigation”

All parties to the racism row have condemned the incident with the Major League Soccer begining investigation into it.

New York Red Bull Player Vanzeir Dante owns up to using racial slurs, tenders apology

Earlier, Ebobisse said he heard that the Red Bull player made the remark but the incident was mobbed up for the match to continue.

While addressing the incident in a post match press conference, Ebobisse refused to name the particular player who made the remark as MLS governing body pledged their commitment to plump the depths of the matter.

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While investigations are ongoing, San Jose player Vanzeir Dante has owned up and taken responsibility for the incident.

Vanzeir Dante, 24, apologizes for using racial slurs could face a ban, fine, suspension if found guilty

The 24-year-old Belgian winger has admitted he was the player who used the racial slur and has apologized to San Jose Earthquakes, his team New York Red Bull, and his fans for the remark.

He added he did not intend to cause any harm with what he said and is ready to accept whatever punishment that will be meted out to him by the Major League Soccer governing body.

“I accept full responsibility for my actions,” he said in a statement. “While I did not intend to cause any harm or offense with my language, I know that I did and for that I am deeply sorry.”

“I wi accept any punishment that will be meted out to me and will use the opportunity to better myself, reflect and dedicate my time and efforts to work with organizations that tackle racial injustice.”

What are the punishments Vanzeir Dante is bound to serve?

Major League Soccer executives are currently investigating the incident. According to reports, Vanzeir Dante will either be fined, banned or suspended from matches if found guilty.

Jeremy Ebobisse full post-match press conference addressing the incident

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