Luka Modric and Quaresma who is the King of the Trivela Pass?

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Luka Modric has been the king of the trivela pass for the last decade and has used it more times than any other player in Europe’s top 5 Leagues.

Luka Modric and Quaresma who is the King of the Trivela Pass?

But when you question if he is the best to have ever mastered the Trivela pass, the conversation comes to a halt. There have been players who have become well-known for this style of passing in matches.

Players like Quaresma of Portugal, Dimitar Berbatov of Bulgaria, and Thomás Rosicky of the Czech Republic, who used to play for Arsenal.

What is a Trivela pass?

“The Trivela” is a very effective way to play a pass or a shot when a player has been forced onto his weaker foot.

Watch Quaresma and Trivela passes below:

Ricardo Quaresma of Portugal is a master of “the Trivela.” Quaresma, who was turned onto his weaker left side, prefers to use the outside of his right foot rather than his unfavorable foot.

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A trivela is a soccer move in which a player curls or swerves a shot with the outside of the foot. Some players have successfully used the strategy to score a goal for their team.

Ricardo Quaresma, a midfielder with Kasmpaşa S.K. and a member of the Portugal National Team, is the most successful of them all. The trivela was invented by Quaresma.

Luka Modric and Quaresma who is the King of the Trivela Pass?

The Origins of the Trivela

Trivela is a Portuguese word that refers to a soccer maneuver in which the player slices his foot through and under the outside of the ball.

Ricardo Quaresma, the technique’s proponent, explains it as giving the ball the appropriate spin by connecting with it with his right foot at the bottom of the ball’s left-hand corner. Quaresma has a preference for his right foot.

Trivela – An Effective Move that is Difficult to Read

The trivela’s significant success among soccer players who know how to use it stems from the defender’s difficulties determining where the ball is heading.

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Watch Modric’s Trivela pass that got the world talking:

The players of the other team will never see it coming if an opponent knows how and when to employ it. It has demonstrated its worth in matches where the trivela is utilized to shoot, cross, or pass a ball effectively.

In the Champions League encounter against defending champions Chelsea on Tuesday night, Modric sent a famous Trivela ball to Rodrygo, who scored a half-volley to bring the score to 4:4 at the Bernabeu.

Luka Modric of Real Madrid might have also mastered the usage of the Trivela pass and has used it more often than any player in the last decade – but this does not make him the king of the Trivela pass, as Quaresma is Trivela and Trivela is Quaresma!

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