Llari Blasi, Ex-wife of Roma Legend Totti, Goes Public With New Boyfriend Six Months After Split


Llari Blasi, an ex-wife of Roma and Serie A football legend has went public with her new boyfriend just six months after her split from Totti.

Totti Llari Blasi
Llari Blasi

After 20 years of a fruitful marriage, Llari Blasi and Totti finally called off a long relationship and marriage that saw both personalities live and raised kids together.

Totti met Llari Blase in 2002. Then, the two lovers were young adults. Totti was 26 years while his hearthrob was just 21.

At 26, Totti was already building his football career to the peak and was making waves on Italian football for Roma.

Llari Blase was weaving her career around the media space in Italy, and subsequently emerged as a renowned TV presenter in the country.

After three years of dating, the two lovers resolved to tie the knot in 2005, getting married to each other and settling down as husband and wife.

The couple welcomed their first child Cristian in 2005, they year they got married. Two years after the birth of Cristian, Chanel, their second child, was born. Their last child before the split is Isabel, born in 2016.

Totti met Llari Blasi in 2002

While there were no signs of fracture in the relationship between the two partners, sources close to the family claimed Totti was beginning to suspect his wife of infidelity.

The Serie A legend claimed her wife was cheating on her after he found evidence to that effect on her phone.

In the midst of accusations and suspicion, Totti and Llari Blase held their breath and remained together. However, it was further disclosed tensions between them were building and the cracks of distrust was tilting the relationship to its final breakdown.

Everything fell apart when Totti is said to have been fed up with his wife’s alleged infidelity and decided to go public with a new girlfriend.

After parading his new girlfriend on October last year, Llari Blase chose to remain quiet gathering herself after the split. However, it appears the renowned TV presenter is ready to pay back his old hubby by parading her own boyfriend in public too.

In her recent shot on Instagram, Blasi could be seen resting her leg on the leg of another person with the person’s hand affectionately placed on her.

Totti Llari Blasi

According to Cosmopolitan, the mystery lover dating the ex-wife of the renowned Italian footballer is Bastian Muller.

Muller is identified as a German entrepreneur. An Italian media outlet is said to have immediately capture the romantic shot which Llari Blasi has now deleted from her profile.

While not much is known about Muller, Blasi is said to have dropped some shots of her romance with the German on her social media page, and then tagged her account.

Meanwhile, Blasi is yet to officially confirm the relationship but Corriere dello Sport reports the two new lovers took to Paris to share romantic moments, and have traveled to Thailand together.

It is believed Totti must have learned of the new development, but is yet to utter a word. As things stand, it appears the ex-couple have chose to do away with the nightmare breakup and move on after the split.


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