Liverpool Midfielder Cody Gakpo Shows Off How he Spent His Holiday in Togo

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Liverpool midfielder Cody Gakpo showed off how he spent his holiday in Togo on his Instagram page as he plans on returning to training to be in shape ahead of next season.

Gakpo went to Togo for his holiday and posted a lot of pictures on Instagram with the caption “Holiday recap, now back to work”.

The first picture posted by the Dutch midfielder showed him with different African children, mostly girls, in different attire. Everyone of them gave a thumbs up.

The second picture showed the player beside the beach with a man at his back and two ladies. Another picture of his showed two unknown men walking alone in the Togo market.

Cody Gakpo continued sharing his beautiful experience on the holiday by posting a picture of his girlfriend, Noa van der Bij. The beautiful lady wore a white gown and was dazzling with a smile.

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Noa Van Der Bij and Cody Gakpo have been dating since December 2020.

Noa Van Der Bij

The midfielder also posted a picture of his brother, Sidney Gakpo. Sidney wore a purple native dress, and Cody wore a shirt and white trousers. Sidney held a document as they took pictures together.

Another picture showed Gakpo and his friends sitting on rocks.

On his visit to Togo in Africa, he also took a picture with a woman. The Liverpool winger wore African attire. Lastly, he posted a picture which showed how he was engaging in a football match in a local area in Togo.

Cody Gakpo

In addition, he was met with different comments from his fans. One fan asked how his trip to Togo was. Other fans posted love emojis under the Dutch player’s comment section.

Why Did Cody Gakpo Visit Togo

It was reported that the main reason Cody Gakpo went to Togo was the idea of giving back to his father’s country.

Cody is also looking forward to building a charitable project in the country. While he was in the country, he was seen distributing food for the children.

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Cody Gakpo Stats

The midfielder made 248 appearances, scoring 89 goals and creating 64 assists in all club competitions. He had received 13 yellow cards and zero red cards.

Cody Gakpo

Out of the 89 goals scored by the midfielder, 82 were for PSV and seven were for Liverpool. For his national team, the Netherlands, Gakpo made 40 appearances, scoring 17 goals.

He was the Netherlands highest goal scorer in the last FIFA World Cup.

What is the market value of Cody Gakpo?

Cody Gakpo

Gakpo’s current market value is £55 million. As of December 22, 2022, Gakpo’s market value was £60 million. In terms of his market value, he is ranked 72nd in the World.

How old is Gakpo?

The midfielder was born on May 7, 1999, in the City of Eindhoven, Netherlands. He is currently 24 years old and has a height of 1.93 m (6ft and 4 in).

Cody Gakpo

Who Are Cody Gakpo Parents

Johnny Gakpo is the name of Cody’s father, and his mother’s name is Ank Gakpo. His father was born in Togo and has Ghanaian ancestry, while his mother is Dutch.

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They both played important roles in his football career, and they taught him the Christian way.

The player was approached four years ago about switching allegiances to play for Togo, but he decided to continue playing for the Netherlands.

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