Lionel Messi in Miami, Goes Shopping in “Publix Supermarket” With Family


Footie fans were left stunned by the presence of Barcelona legend Lionel Messi in Miami Publix Supermarket.

One word – lifestye – rang through Lionel Messi’s affirmation that he will be joining Inter Miami in the MLS. Having seen it all in a legendary and heroic 19 years career in Europe, Messi took a shock transfer decision to join Inter Miami in the MLS.

Just days after touching down the US ahead of his unveiling, the ‘Lionel Messi in Miami’ footage seems to be a perfect version of the lifestyle Messi wanted as he approached the twilights of his legendary career.

Spotted on Thursday, two days after touching down Miami, Messi took a sharply contrasting look from a footie ace that has hewn an iconic football profile in European and world football.

The 36-year-old downed his idol status in football and joined ordinary Americans who went shopping at the local Publix Supermarket in Miami.

Lionel Messi in Miami Publix supermarket with his family

Messi looked simple with his black polo and white shorts and was accompanied by his wife, Antonella Rocuzzo, including his three children, Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro to the supermarket.

Lionel Messi seems to have settled perfectly for a new life in Miami and new chapter with Inter Miami in the MLS.

What was so striking about the footage of Lionel Messi in Miami supermarket was how the Barcelona legend strolled along with his wife and his children unhassled by Miami locals.

He was largely unnoticed inside the supermarket but few shoppers were able to spot the football icon and took a snap with him and his family. Messi beamed with smiles as he relished his relative anonymity in his new home.

Lionel Messi in Miami, ready for a new chapter

Football fans across the world are patiently awaiting July 21 when Lionel Messi will make his debut for Inter Miami against Mexican club, Cruz Azul.

Meanwhile, Lionel Messi’s unveiling as Inter Miami player will commence at 6 p.m. (local time) on Sunday, July 16.

Lionel Messi in Miami
Lionel Messi in Miami Publix supermarket with wife Antonela Roccuzzo unhassled

Messi is ready for a fresh challenge in the MLS but far from the grueling task of getting Inter Miami back to contention in MLS playoff, the former PSG forward is on a new career threshold.

Lionel Messi in Miami Publix supermarket gives a casual hint on the essence of his move and the kind of football he wants to play.

Strolling through the midst of ordinary Americans unhassled leaves the footie ace with enough space to relish his privacy.

Lionel Messi in Miami
Few shoppers spotted Messi at the supermarket and took selfie with him

Recall Lionel Messi had a chance to stay back in Europe. His former club Barcelona were on his trail and were ready to have him back at the club but Messi turned it down.

Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia came calling with the most lucrative offer but he turned it down.

Messi said it was not about the money but his personal choice for a cool lifestyle and desire to enjoy playing the game with less pressure and more time with his family.

Messi has penned a two-and-a-half year contract with Inter Miami worth $50million per year.


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