Lionel Messi Flanked By Huge Crowd At His Residence As His Wife Drives Him Home After Bueno Aires Celebrations [Video]


Lionel Messi was greeted to a heroic reception at his residence at Rosario, Argentina, as his wife Antonela Roccuzzo drove him home after Bueno Aires celebrations.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi driven home by his wife after Bueno Aires celebrations

The story of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is the story of Lionel Messi. From Lusail Stadium in Qatar to the rapturous welcome at Bueno Aires, to the heroic reception at his home, Messi has made his mark in football, scripting his name into the history books of the game.

The dressing room celebration in Qatar was a tip of the iceberg. A sea of heads was awaiting the former Barcelona playmaker as he arrived in Argentina’s capital Bueno Aires with the 18-carat gold trophy.

It was a celebration galore at Bueno Aires as Messi stepped out of the airplane with the trophy, including his teammates and the team’s coaching crew.

The team alighted into an open-top bus, on which they were driven through the excited and cheering fans who reportedly numbered up to 4 million. However, the fans appeared to over helm the bus as the celebration continued.

Lionel Messi

Following the reaction by the fans, the open-top bus victory parade had to be cut short, and Messi and his teammates were transferred to a helicopter that flew low above the jubilant fans.

It was apparent that the crowd at Bueno Aires was uncontrollable, and an open-top-bus parade could not restrained them from having access to the players. Some fans hijacked a Police vehicle as the celebrations went wild.
Some fans hijacked a Police vehicle as the celebrations went wild.

A viral footage showed some fans waiting on top of a flyover awaiting the bus. When it arrived, they jumped onto it to reach the players inside the bus.

Lionel Messi returns home after Bueno Aires celebrations

Lionel Messi met a heroic reception at his Rosario home after returning from the Bueno Aires victory parade.

After what appeared to be chaotic Bueno Aires celebrations, forcing him and his teammates to be evacuated into a helicopter, the 35-year-old returned to his home city for the first time since lifting the World Cup.

As he arrived at his luxuriantly furnished and gated property in Rosario, fans numbering up to hundreds have squeezed into the entrance of his home. They were chanting, ‘Dale Campeon, ‘ translating to ‘Let’s go, champion.’

Security escorts had to push away through the crowd and hewn a narrow path in the middle to allow his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, to drive through into the building.

Messi was born in Rosario and also started his football career playing for Newell’s Old Boys based in the city.

His family left Rosario to Barcelona when Messi was at a very tender age.

Lionel Messi was raised in the Barcelona Academy, where he emerged as one the greatest players ever known in football.

He is now playing for Ligue 1 giant Paris Saint-Germain after leaving Barcelona, his boyhood club, in tears. He signed a two-year deal with PSG, which will expire next summer.

PSG is in negotiations to renew his contract, with rumors linking him to a possible move to MLS.

Messi regularly travels back to Rosario and his home, which is on a private estate called Kentucky in Funes.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi’s home in Rosario

The monster property, built on three adjoining plots of land in a gated private estate on the outskirts of the footballer’s home city of Rosario, has a huge cinema, gym, and underground garage with enough space for 15 cars.


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