Ligue 1 is no farmer’s league but it’s not a good league either”- MARTIN SAMUEL

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UK news mailonline columnist Martin Samuel in one of his post has penned that Ligue 1 isn’t as bad a people make it out to be snd shouldn’t be referred to as ‘farmer’s league’; but also noted that the presence of the PSG in the Champions League doesn’t make it a good league.

Farmer’s league isn’t that bad, but no single club should harvest the trophy

The German league is also a very one-sided affair with Bayern Munich always out muscling the other teams, they pouch their best players and you expect them to compete with the best team from other leagues fairly. Martin Samuel also disclosed that the Italian Serie a is not left out because Juventus has single-handedly run the league to the ground, we know the winner right before the league starts, despite a recent surge in form by inter-Milan.

He however pointed that an example of a good league is the Albania league, Georgia league, a league that has produced four different winners in four different seasons. Tiran, Partizani, SKenderbeu, and Kukesi are different winners from different seasons in the Albania league.

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Ligue 1 is no farmer’s league, but is the league competitive?

Stating further that the presence of a French-German dominated semifinal does not in any way vindicate the competitiveness of the leagues, in recent times PSG had always found difficult to scale through the quarterfinal, while Bayern Munich takes it has a birthright in the Bundesliga, a tragedy of what a once beautiful league as become.

The abysmal performance of English clubs in this year’s European competition does not take away the competitiveness in the league as it is one of the most desirable, profitable, and envied league in the world, a typical example of what competition in each league should look like.

since the English league changed to Premier League in 1992-93 only seven countries have produced seven UCL finalists, France, Italy, and Germany have three, Spain has Four. While the English league boast of five different clubs in the champions league final. While there have been five different league champions in eight years.

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So, the Ligue 1, Bundesliga or Serie A one can not be judged a competitive or success based on the success of one team.

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