Lawyers acting in the interest of Liverpool fans file claims against UEFA

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Lawyers acting in the interest of Liverpool fans that were at the scene of the mayhem that ensued at last season’s Champions League final in Paris have officially filed almost 900 claims against UEFA. 

An independent evaluation finalized in February that the European football governing body should cater “primary responsibility” for what almost resulted to a “mass fatality catastrophe” at the final last May. 

Fans found themselves pushed against stadium perimeter blockage before the match against Real Madrid as a result of organizational shortcoming and were afterwards tear-gassed by French Police officers. 

Liverpool fans
Liverpool fans outside the stadium

Law organization Leigh Day on Monday put out a group personal injury claim in the interest of 887 Liverpool fans at the Liverpool District Registry of the High Court. 

The firm is conducting the claim on the premise that UEFA could provide a safe and conducive environment for those in attendance. 

UEFA could owe a legal liability to the individuals who passed through physical or physiological Injuries.

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UEFA president in March apologized over what happened before the Real Madrid V Liverpool clash

The president of UEFA in March apologized for the chaotic happenings at the Stade De France and he shared his relief that “nothing terrible happened”.

The autonomous evaluation released in February found UEFA solely responsible for the serious congestion issues that occurred outside the stadium. 

Alexander Ceferin
Alexander Ceferin

Ceferin, the re-elected president of UEFA also looked to agree to his organization’s responsibility in the chaos that went down at Wednesday’s UEFA Congress in Lisbon, assuring that they would learn from the incident. 

“We must never forget the mistakes of the past and we must remain humble at all times,” he said. “Nothing can ever be taken for granted.

“Unfortunately, unlike goalkeepers, leaders can never keep a ‘clean sheet’. No leader can boast an unblemished record, however much they invest and however passionate, professional or experienced they are.

“There are always a few stains, a few mistakes that tarnish our reputation, errors they would love to erase.

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“I am no different and UEFA is no different. The most important thing is to understand the mistake and change, not to repeat them.”

UEFA earlier accused fans for causing the mayhem

UEFA firstly accused fans for causing the disorder by arriving late to the final and in some cases with fake tickets. 

Vinicius goal against Liverpool in the final
Vinicius goal against Liverpool in the final

However, the autonomous report said those claims were “manifestly inaccurate”. 

The governing body of European football later effected a refund plan for those who purchased tickets for the final in which Real Madrid came out victorious by 1-0 after admitting the “negative experience”. 

Meanwhile, Aleksander Ceferin was re-elected unopposed on Wednesday as the President of UEFA for a four-year term, which would see him stay in office leading the European football governing body’s till 2027.

The Slovenian is also set to take steps in punishing erring clubs that partake in match fixing, any form of misconduct or other corrupt practices in football. 

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