Lauryn Goodman Defies Kyle Walker’s Wife Annie Kilner to Attend England Vs Denmark Match With Walker’s Son


    Kyle Walker’s baby mama Lauryn Goodman took Walker’s son, Kairo, to Germany to watch his Dad play in Euro 2024.

    The Instagram influencer was spotted among England fans who turned up for England’s clash against Denmark in the Euro 2024 Group C second match.

    Lauryn Goodman Kyle Walker

    Walker has two children with Lauryn Goodman. However, the Manchester City star reportedly tried to keep his relationship with the model secret due to his wife Annie Kilner, 32.

    Despite his best attempts, the relationship became an open secret in 2019 when he allegedly got Lauryn Goodman a £2.5m apartment after the latter was pregnant with Kairo.

    Walker’s escapade with Lauryn Goodman strained his matrimonial relationship with Annie Kilner. While the pair kept things under the wraps when he (Walker) impregnated Lauryn Goodman the first time, the marriage neared breaking points when he got Goodman pregnant again for the second time in 2023.

    This time, Annie Kilner, who was then pregnant with the footballer’s fourth child, threw him out of their home in Cheshire. While plying his trade with Manchester City, the embattled defender had to rent an apartment away from Cheshire.

    Lauryn Goodman Kyle Walker

    After the difficult phase in the marriage, the pair were finally back together. However, sources close to Kilner revealed the mother of four did not want Lauryn Goodman close to the footballer. According to The Sun, Lauryn Goodman had reportedly insisted she would attend Euro 2024 with Kyle Walker’s child so that the little child would see his father play. Goodman’s decision is said to have unsettled Kilner, who told her friends and other wags that Goodman’s presence in the tournament would be a distraction. Goodman still insisted she would attend the match, having missed the 2022 World Cup.

    So, on Thursday, June 20 when England battled Denmark in Group C’s second match, Goodman was in the stands at the Deutsche Bank Park with Kairo to watch Walker play with Annie Kilner equally present. The pair reportedly kept their distance on the stands having clashed on several occasions on social media since the secret relationship saga.

    Who is Lauryn Goodman?

    Lauryn Goodman is an England model and Instagram influencer. Goodman was thrust into the spotlight due to her relationship with Kyle Walker. Goodman describes herself as a single mum and a positive person on her social media handle.

    Lauryn Goodman’s age

    Lauryn Goodman is 33 years old. She was born in 1991 in England. The mother of two will be celebrating her 34th birthday in 2025.

    Lauryn Goodman career

    Lauryn Goodman is an Instagram personality, model and influencer. She has over 187,000 followers on Instagram and runs a private Instagram account where her modelling shots are only available to her followers and fans. She also runs a clothing brand, ‘Nineteen Clothing,’ where she deals on all types of wear and regularly promotes her collections on social media

    Lauryn Goodman’s children

    Lauryn Goodman has two children, all for Kyle Walker. Her first child is Kairo, a son, born in April 2020. Her second child is a daughter (name undisclosed), born in 2023.

    Lauryn Goodman net worth

    Lauryn Goodman is a rich fashion model. She has raked in fortunes from her modelling and fashion business. Her estimated net worth in 2024 is £2million.

    Kyle Walker

    Kyle Walker is an English professional footballer playing for Manchester City in the Premier League and England national team. Walker is regarded as one of the best right-backs of his generation and boasts a prolific club career with Manchester City. Walker joined Manchester City from Tottenham Hotspur in 2017 and has won six Premier League titles with the club, including the Champions League. He has made 197 Premier League appearances for the club, including winning 85 caps with the England national team.

    Kyle Walker Manchester City contract

    After winning the 2022-23 Premier League title, Walker extended his Manchester City contract till 2026. He is one of the highest-paid defenders in the world with a weekly wage of £160,000 and an annual salary of £8.32million.

    Kyle Walker’s wife and children

    Lauryn Goodman Kyle Walker

    Walker is married to his childhood sweetheart Annie Kilner. They have four children together. Their first child, Roman, was born in 2013 while the second child, Riaan, was born in 2017. Their third and fourth child – Reign and Rezon – were born in 2019 and 2023, respectively. Walker also has two children with Lauryn Goodman.

    Kyle Walker’s net worth

    Kyle has raked in a fortune from his prolific football career. His estimated net worth in 2024 is £27million.


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