Kevin De Bruyne Reflects on Champions League triumph, Says His Wife Michele, Predicted The Victory


    Kevin de Bruyne has revealed his wife Michele Lacroix predicted Manchester City will finally become Champions of Europe as he reflects on the milestone achievement with the club.

    The prolific midfielder said Michele, 29, maintained from the start of the season that Manchester City will win the Champions League.

    After defending the 2020/21 Premier League title, Manchester City were aiming for a first consecutive triple of Premier League trophy in the 2022/23 season.

    The Premier League giants had to contend with Arsenal’s sudden resurgence under Mikel Arteta. The Gunners maintained their grip on Premier League top spot for 73% of the season and were a formidable challengers for the Premier League title before they began to fumble in the race late in the season.

    According to Kevin de Bruyne, Michele downplayed Manchester City’s initial domestic struggle to battle down Arsenal, and went as far as predicting the club will not only win the Premier League title but will clinch the coveted Champions League trophy that has evaded them for years.

    After seeing off RB Leipzig in round 16, Bayern Munich in quarterfinals, and defending champions, Real Madrid in semifinals, Manchester City were a clear favorites to lift the trophy as they faced Serie A side, Inter Milan, in the final.

    It was the club’s second Champions League final after losing the 2020/21 final to domestic rivals Chelsea.

    De Bruyne says his wife, Michele predicted Manchester City will win Champions League

    On the morning of the crunch tie against Inter Milan, Kevin de Bruyne revealed Michele had told him it is the destiny of Manchester City to finally lift the coveted Champions League trophy after years of domestic dominance.

    Speaking after helping City lift the iconic silverware at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, De Bruyne detailed how Michele kept the faith of City’s imminent triumph.

    “I don’t know why, but my wife said in August ‘you’re going to win the Champions League’,” said De Bruyne.

    “I’ve no idea why, but she always maintained that I would. She said today, before the game, ‘I’m not worried, you’ll be fine, you’ll win it’.

    “In the end it’s a little bit of a shame, because I have to tell her she was right, so that’s not the best!”

    Ensconced in the curved arch of Ataturk Olympic stadium, Kevin de Bruyne finally laid his hands on the Champions League trophy and could then vividly recall Michelle’s prediction back in August when the club were wrestling to catch up with Arsenal on the Premier League title race.

    De Bruyne said it is as if he is dreaming at Ataturk Olympic Stadium after winning the most coveted club title in Europe.

    “My head feels a little bit empty for the moment,” said the Belgium international. “It’s just amazing, it’s incredible, I don’t know what to say.”

    He also detailed his struggles and hope as a player to win the trophy but failed in the past years but added the triumph at Ataturk does not, however, define his career but his person and quality as a player does.

    “I’ve basically been fighting all my career with my team to win this medal, but I still don’t think it defines my career”, he added.

    “I think it helps, but I don’t judge myself or my career solely on this game. I know who I am as a player and person and I’m happy and proud of the person I am.

    “People can say so much about you, but if you’re satisfied with yourself, do what you need to do and give your all, you can be proud, no matter what. But obviously, you want to win.

    When he was asked whether he is happy and relieved to finally win the trophy, de Bruyne replied in the affirmative.

    He said:

    “Probably both, because there’s always the pressure to do it when you’ve never done it, and now we have.”

    De Bruyne suffered a nightmare harmstring injury in the high-profile encounter against Inter Milan and was hurled off prematurely with Phil Foden replacing him.

    City had struggled to tear down Inter Milan brick wall defense all to no avail from the start before Rodri came to rescue parrying a deflection from Darmian into the net to break Manchester City’s Champions League deadlock.

    Kevin de Bruyne, Michele, and their two kids, Mason and Rome, were spotted on the turf joining other Manchester City players to celebrate the trophy.

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