Karim Benzema of Real Madrid is a Bugatti gang… Watch him cruise around in his whip

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Real Madrid striker, Karim Benzema has proven over time that he is a lover of luxurious cars and he never shies away from flaunting his supercars on social media especially on Instagram.

Recently, a video surfaced on Instagram showing the 34-year-old French striker at an unknown location in the night with his beautiful-looking Bugatti Veyron.

After a few seconds, he was ushered into the beautiful whip and then zoomed off like it was nobody’s business.

Karim Benzema of Real Madrid is a bugatti gang... Watch him cruise around in his whip

Reports claimed that the French footballer bought one of the 450 Bugatti Veyron the French car manufacturing company produced for the few who can afford it.

Futballnews gathered that the supercar is worth nothing less than 1.4 million euros for customers around Europe which makes it one of the most expensive cars around.

The Bugatti Veyron is said to be one of the fastest supercars in the market. It can reach a top speed of 267.86mph. Hence, it is not a whip for learners.

Let us check out Karim Benzema’s cool cars collection

Let us check out Karim Benzema's cool cars collection

Recently, Karim Benzema decided to allow the world to see his cool cars collection which he shared on his Youtube channel.

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Based on the scenes of the video, the French striker has a couple of supercars which include Bugatti Chiron, Veyron Pur Sang, Audi RS 4, RS 6, RS Q8, McLaren-Mercedes SLR, Ferrari 458 Spider, and Mercedes G65 AMG.

Futballnews can confirm that Benzema’s Bugatti Chiron with 1,500 horsepower is worth 2.4 million euros. This is the most expensive ride in the footballer’s collection. Only 500 pieces of the car were produced by the French company.

In the Youtube video, Karim Benzema said in French that the Bugatti Chiron is his favorite car and the fastest car in his garage. The car can reach up to 420 km/h.

Also in the YouTube video, Karim Benzema claimed that Ferrari is his favorite brand of cars. He owns one Ferrari 458 Spider which is reportedly worth about £200,000.

You might be wondering why the France international has three Audi brands of cars – Audi RS 4, RS 6, RS Q8, in his garage. Well, the secret is that Audi has a partnership with Real Madrid which means that a player like Benzema can get his hands on any brand of Audi of his choice.

It might interest you to note that the first car Karim Benzema owned before he became a famous footballer was a Mini Cooper S in black, which he bought off his friend.

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Karim Benzema chilling on one of his Bugattis.
Karim Benzema chilling on one of his Bugattis.

When he signed his first professional football contract in his career (at Lyon, July 1, 2005) he bought himself a BMW M6 507 CV.

Currently, the 34-year-old French footballer whose contract with Real Madrid expires on June 30, 2023, has a car collection worth over £6 million.

Benzema is expected to return from his hamstring injury on February 14, 2022. So far this season, he has scored 24 goals and provided 9 assists in 28 games.

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