Karen Cavaller: All You Have to Know About Cristian Romero’s Wife

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Karen Cavaller is the wife of prolific Premier League and Argentina defender Cristian Romero.

After coming through his youth career at Belgrano in his homeland, Argentina, Cristian Romero made a name for himself, plying his trade with top clubs in Europe. He established himself as a top defender in Serie A after spells with Genoa, Juventus, and Atlanta before moving to the Premier League via Tottenham Hotspur in 2021.

Romero is yet to win a club trophy but has a brilliant individual career that has constantly brought him to the spotlight, especially with Argentina national team. However, less is known about his wife Karen Cavaller.

Here, we will take you through all you need to known about Cristian Romero’s wife, Cavaller.

Who is Cristian Romero’s Wife, Karen Cavaller?

Karen Cavaller

Karen Cavaller is the wife and lover of renowned Tottenham Hotspur and Argentina center-back, Cristian Romero. Despite being hooked up with the renowned footballer with a prolific career. Cavaller is said to be a very private person, who relishes her privacy and tries to keep off the prying eyes of the media – a trait uncharacteristic of most wags.

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Due to her low profile on the media, details of her private life is sketchy but we will take you through aspects of her life that has been accessible.

Karen Cavaller Bio

Karen Cavaller is an Argentine as her footballer husband Cristian Romero. She is a year younger than Cristian Romero, who was born on 27 April 1998 in Cordoba, Argentina.

Karen Cavaller

Cavaller was born on 11 November 1999 in Argentina. Her exact place of birth in Argentina is unknown. According to reports, Cavaller spent her childhood and grew into a full-blown adult in her homeland, Argentina.

She completed her high school in Argentina and proceeded to study Human Resource management in University. However, it is still unknown whether she completed her studies or not but she has been practicing as Human Resource Manager.

What does Karen Cavaller do?

Karen Cavaller is a Human Resource Manager. She took her vocation with her after getting hooked up with Cristian Romero. Romero’s first career stop off the shores of Argentina was in Italy.

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He took Karen Cavaller with him. In Italy, Cavaller reportedly practiced as Human Resource manager while Romero was plying his trade with Genoa in Serie A.

Karen Cavaller on Social Media

Cavaller has kept a moderate profile on social media. She retains her privacy and doesn’t share her private life on the media. Cavaller runs a private Instagram account with access restricted to her followers.

She has only 3,836 followers on social media and proudly flaunts her motherhood status and Human Resource management role on her bio.

Karen Cavaller and Cristian Romero relationship

Cavaller and Cristian Romero reportedly started dating in 2018 when Romero joined Genoa in Serie A. Two years into the relationship, they got married in 2020 and welcomed their first child, Valentino, in December 2021.

All that have been known about Karen Cavaller’s love and family life has been through Cristian Romero’s social media handle as Cavaller keeps a tight grip on her social media handle.

Romero, who has over four million followers on social media, regularly shares beautiful and pleasant moments with Cavaller and Valentino.

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He shared a footage of his family members at Lusail Stadium in Qatar when Argentina won the World Cup while professing his love for them, including other awesome moments.

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