Juventus Reach Shock Agreement With UEFA To Drop Out of All UEFA Club Competitions Next Season [Full Details]


Juventus have given up in the battle to return to Champions League in the upcoming 2023/24 season.

The Serie A giants have reached a shock agreement with European football governing body UEFA to drop out of all UEFA club competitions in the upcoming 2023/24 season as per reports from Corriere dello Sport.

Futballnews understands Juventus have battled to clear their name from dragging allegations and legal tussle over financial misconduct since January.

Juventus false accounting allegations

Juventus came under the sledgehammer of Italian football authorities for allegedly breaching Serie A extant rules governing the financial dealings of football clubs.

Juventus will not play European club football next season

In April, Italian football authorities, FGIC, tackled the club for ”repeated violations of principles of truth.” Following investigations, Juventus were hit with 15 points deduction which left them on a free fall on the Serie A table from all European spots.

The club fought back with the strength of an eagle both on the pitch, trying to win matches to return to Serie A top four and in the court to reverse the point deduction.

Juventus 15 point deduction reversed

In what turned out to be morale boost for the squad, the Old Ladies appeal against the 15 point deduction was heard and the points deduction was temporarily reversed. Their 15-point gain saw the club shot up to the second place in Serie A, a Champions League spot.

It was a big win for the Serie A giants both for goodwill and sporting reasons. At least, they temporarily cleared their name from the alleged scandal and have their points restored.

However, the optimism under the Massimiliano Allegri-led squad was dealt another blow. The points deduction was reinstated but this time, it was 10 points not 15 points. The 10-points deduction was enough to cripple their attempt to qualify for Champions League with few games remaining to the end of the season.

Several members of Juventus board resigned amid allegations

While the club battled to clear their name following the allegations, all Juventus board members tendered their resignations, including board chairman Andrea Agnelli.

Former Juventus Chief Andre Agnelli

They were all slammed with bans from football for their roles in the scandal.

Juventus reach agreement not to play UEFA club competitions next season

According to Italian outlet, Corriere dello Sport, Juventus have now reached agreement with UEFA to drop off of all UEFA club competitions in the upcoming 2023/24 season.

The shock move by the Turin-based club is reportedly backed by Juventus new chairman Gianluca Ferrero, who is hoping for a new start for the club.

Juventus finished 7th in Serie A last season after the 10 points deduction. They qualified for UEFA Conference League football next season.

However, the move is reportedly not a plea bargain for a safe landing following the alleged financial misconduct and is not related to it.

Gianlugi Ferrero

Corriere dello Sport reports the club deemed it a safe measure to avoid further complications of possibly breaking financial fair play rules and being sanctioned thereto.

What is next for Juventus?

The club will now focus on strengthening the squad and preparing for the 2023/24 Serie A season and a fresh European campaign in 2024/25 season.


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