Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool blames VAR for 3-2 defeat to West Ham United

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The manager of Liverpool football club, Jurgen Klopp believes that the decisions of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) influenced the outcome of the league game between his team and West Ham United.

On Sunday, November 7, 2021, Liverpool visited the London Stadium to play West Ham United. Unfortunately for Jurgen Klopp and his boys who have not lost a match in their last 25 games before the West Ham game, they met a very resilient side.

Things started going bad for Jurgen Klopp and his boys as early as the 4th minute of the game when the club’s first-choice goalkeeper Alisson scored an own goal.

Like many fans of Liverpool, Klopp believes that the goal should not have stood because it looked like West Ham United’s Angelo Ogbonna shoved the goalkeeper which forced the ball off his gloves into the net.

Agitation from Liverpool players forced the VAR to intervene but the VAR’s intervention did not work in favor of Liverpool. Hence, the goal stood as an own goal.

Afterward, West Ham United’s Aaron Cresswell went in hard on Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson. The challenge was so controversial that the VAR intervened but Cresswell was not shown any card.

Before the first half ended, Liverpool got the equalizer thanks to Trent Alexander-Arnold’s 20 yards strike in the 41st minute.

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In the second half, West Ham United took the lead again thanks to Pablo Fornals’ 67th-minute strike and Kurt Zouma’s header made it 3-1 in the 74th minute.

Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool blames VAR for 3-2 defeat to West Ham United
Kurt Zouma celebrates his 74th-minute goal against Liverpool.

Liverpool continued to fight for the equalizer until the 83rd minute when Divock Origi got one goal back. Afterward, Liverpool could not do much, hence, the game ended 3-2 in favor of West Ham United.

After the game, Jurgen Klopp pointed out how the VAR influenced the outcome of the game. He insisted that the first goal shouldn’t have stood, describing it as a foul on his goalkeeper.

“The first goal is a foul on the goalie”, Klopp said. “The arm goes against Alisson’s arm so how can he catch the ball when someone pulls his arm away? It makes no sense. It’s the typical excuse that VAR says it’s not clear but then what do you need?

“What can [Alisson] do? That’s why the goalie is protected in moments. If a player goes up with his arm for a goalie that’s an important position of the body and if that’s in the way how can he make a save?

“People will say I’m looking for excuses, I’m not. I accept we’re not too good to lose football games. Today we lost it, that’s not nice but I accept it. But when we speak about situations in a game you just need normal decisions from a referee. He didn’t do that.

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“Cresswell? For me, it’s a reckless challenge. Even though he touches the ball, you can’t go in like that as anything can happen. You can say he touched the ball but you have to control your body.

“Those two situations were influential in the game but in the end, West Ham fought for the three points. They are not responsible for the decisions the VAR made.”

On the other hand, the manager of West Ham United, David Moyes said his team ought to have scored more goals during the league game.

Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool blames VAR for 3-2 defeat to West Ham United
The manager of West Ham United, David Moyes.

He however described the win as a brilliant victory but stressed that he didn’t like how his team played in the first half of the game.

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“It is a brilliant victory against a really good team”, coach Moyes said. “We played Thursday night too and to put in a performance with the energy to hang in at the end is great for the players.

“Liverpool have been so good with the ball, I think they have improved. We tried to shore up a bit, I didn’t like a bit how we played in the second half so we did a little change and it worked. We played so well in the second half. We got three goals and on another day maybe could have got more.

“Last year we tried to get at them and they picked us off sometimes so we had to be a bit patient.

“I remember when I came everyone said the London Stadium was not the same. Everyone in football knows if you can get a team winning and trying every game you will get supporters backing you wherever. The supporters backed us today.”

The win has taken West Ham United to the 3rd spot on the league table with 23 points in 11 games. On the other hand, the defeat has pushed Liverpool down to the 4th spot with 22 points in 11 games.

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  • Anyara john 9 months ago

    I sincerely believe that it should have been a draw. Never mind it’s going to be better next time.

  • Omoniyi ibukun 9 months ago

    Hmmm… Without much words , that could have happened to any team, we’ve seen a lot of cases where VAR and intercedes and make the referee counter the visibility of the scenario and he makes a decision.
    Some times I really do not blame these referees, as they’ve got no chance of being indecisive not time wasting.
    The match was a good one , west ham did well, and Liverpool also tried, but in football the game has to end to a side’s favor except it’s a draw.

  • Abiodun opeyemi 9 months ago

    VAR is no respecter of anybody, nor does it picks who it’s supports.
    The only thing is that it will favour one side.
    Liverpool lost.
    There’s no point addressing what happened or went on

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