Jurgen Klopp laments after Everton defeated Liverpool in Anfield for the first time in 22 years

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The manager of Liverpool football club, Jurgen Klopp was filled with lamentation after the Merseyside club was subjected to the 4th successive Premier League defeat in the 2020-2021 season.

On Saturday, February 20, 2021, Everton visited Liverpool for the return leg of this season’s Premier League campaign. Normally, the best Everton were expected to get at Anfield Stadium was a draw. However, a 2-0 victory was what coach Carlo Ancelotti and his boys left Anfield with.

The 2-0 victory over Liverpool, was Everton’s only win at Anfield Stadium in 22 years and the defeat goes a long way to explain how terrible the season has become for Jurgen Klopp and his boys.

No Liverpool team since 1923 has ever been defeated four successive times at Anfield. Besides just losing games, Saturday’s Merseyside derby marked the 4th time in 5 games Liverpool failed to score a goal in a match.

Unfortunately for Liverpool, the 2-0 defeat in the hands of Everton has kept them rooted in the 6th spot, three points below 4th placed Chelsea. While Everton are still occupying the 7th spot with the same number of points as Liverpool but with a game in hand.

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After the game, a frustrated Jurgen Klopp told Sky Sports that the first goal Everton scored against Liverpool in the 3rd minute of the game showed the direction of the match.

While lamenting on the things Liverpool failed to do well, the German tactician noted that his team gave 90 percent performance but failed to add the remaining 10 percent which would have made all the difference.

Klopp said: “The first goal, which we have to defend better, gave the direction of the game. It was unnecessary.

“There were plenty of good football moments so we did well from a creative point of view but we had to chase the game and were not calm enough.

“In the second half, we changed formation a little because we wanted to cause them more problems. Immediately we had big chances. Sadio [Mane] twice in the box and Bobby [Firmino] was twice in promising positions, so we had all these moments.

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“The penalty was late and wasn’t really decisive so we don’t have to talk about that too much.

“We could talk about this for an hour in detail and you would realize what you were talking about would be 90 per positive but 10 percent was not and we have to change 10 percent because it makes the difference result-wise.

“We stand here having lost 2-0. I know how important it is. We feel it deep inside. But from tomorrow on I have to use all the good stuff. These good situations are the guarantee that we can change it but the decisive moments we have to change as well.”

Everton’s 2-0 victory over Liverpool means Everton can compete

Everton's 2-0 victory over Liverpool means Everton can compete
Everton’s manager Carlo Ancelotti.

Everton’s manager, Carlo Ancelotti could not hide his happiness over the victory which has taken his team three points closer to a Champions League spot. According to him, Everton’s 2-0 triumph over Liverpool means that his team can compete.

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“I’m really happy,” Ancelotti said.

“What it means, this victory is that we can compete. Using our quality, which is not the same technical quality as Liverpool, but we have a strong spirit in this period and our belief is improving.

“The performance was good, it was difficult, but the spirit of the team was good.

“We competed really well and were clinical in front. We didn’t have a lot of opportunities but the opportunities we did have we were able to convert them really well.

“We worked hard defensively. The performance of Jordan Pickford and the back at the back was really, really good. We were then clinical in front with James and Richarlison.”

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