Jose Mourinho No Longer Care about what people say about him

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Jose Mourinho is one of the most criticized football managers in the world and the Portuguese tactician said he does no longer cares about people’s perception of him.

Since Mourinho hit the limelight after winning the UEFA Champions League with the Portuguese side, Porto during the 2003-2004 season, he has been a subject of one criticism or the other. When he arrived in the Premier League to coach Chelsea in 2004, his fame hit the roof after describing himself as the “Special One”.

Besides the fact that he is one of the most outspoken managers in football, his style of football has always attracted a lot of criticism especially his defensive style. Though the style has won him virtually everything in the game, his success has never stopped his critics from bashing him at any given opportunity.

When he returned to the Premier League in 2019 for the fourth time to coach Tottenham Hotspur, most fans of the club who are not fans of the defensive style of football he introduced during his time at Chelsea and Manchester United, kicked against his appointment.

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As time goes by, they embrace his new style of football that forces Tottenham Hotspur to allow the opposition to enjoy the possession while they wait for the opportunity to break into the opposition’s territory on the counter.

He has used this method of football to win against Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, and draw against Chelsea. The Portuguese tactician almost used this same style to draw against Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool before the reigning Premier League champions scored a dying minute goal to end the match 2-1.

Jose Mourinho’s defensive style of football which is combined with counter-attack has kept Tottenham in the second spot on the league table with 25 points in 13 league games, 3 points below first placed Liverpool football club.

Hence, since the style of soaking in the pressure and allowing the opposition to enjoy the possession win games for Tottenham Hotspur and make the club’s fans happy, Mourinho does not care about extra recognition.

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Jose Mourinho No Longer Care about what people say about him
Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho.

When asked whether he was frustrated at how he is being perceived, Mourinho replied: “No. That’s fine for me. I’m not working in the search for any recognition.

“OK, 15 years ago when I arrived and I was probably a bit too arrogant for what you were used to, maybe yes, maybe I was. But I’m not.

“I work for my club, I work for my players. I try to give happiness to the people that love my club where I work.

“I am very ambitious, that didn’t change at all. I think you can still read on my face that to lose hurts me the same, nothing changes.

“But that situation of looking for some recognition? That’s not for me. I don’t care.”

Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham has a date with 4th placed Leicester City on Sunday, December 20 at 15:15. A win in the match will help to maintain Tottenham’s push for the league title this season.

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