Job Description of a Sports Writer

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If you follow our articles, you will know we have discussed various career opportunities within the sporting industry, in today’s article, we will focus on being a Sports Writer within the sporting industry. A career as a sports writer can be interesting and fulfilling if you have a passion for writing and Sports. Let us take a look at what it means to be a sports writer, a well-detailed job description of a Sports writer, and how to become a Sports Writer.

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A sports writer at a sporting event

Who is a Sports Writer 

A Sports Writer is a professional journalist or author who specializes in researching, writing, and publicizing sports-related topics. These professionals cover sporting events, athletes, sport management, tournament, and any other sport-related activities. They can be found working in media outlets, newspapers, websites, television networks, and magazines. Sports Writers aim to inform and entertain sports enthusiasts while providing insights into the world of sports. Some of their responsibilities include attending games and conducting interviews with athletes or coaches, analyzing and providing commentary on sports events, and producing articles, features, and columns for publication in newspapers, magazines, or blogs. A sports writer may choose to focus on a type of game or sport which may include football, baseball, volleyball, lawn tennis, squash, basketball, table tennis, or any other type of sport, what this means is that the sports writer will only write about his or her chosen sports events. 

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Job description of a Sports Writer

The following is the job description of a Sports Writers and some of the responsibilities expected of them:

  • The Sports writer will attend sporting events, press conferences, and interviews to gather firsthand information about games, matches, or competitions of his chosen sports field or general sports
  • The sports writer must write compelling and accurate articles that analyze and give detailed reports on sports events, scores, statistics, players, performances, and team strategies. These articles may include game summaries, athlete profiles, opinion columns, or features on sports-related topics.
  • A sports writer must conduct adequate and accurate research to gather background information and support data or statistics for sports stories or articles.
  • A sports writer is responsible for conducting insightful interviews with players, coaches, sports managers, and other sports figures to obtain accurate information, quotes, and exclusive content that add clarifications, depth, and context to sports stories.
  • Collaborate with other sports professionals to create multimedia content such as videos, podcasts, or social media posts to complement written articles and engage the targeted and a broader audience.
  • A sports writer must always stay up to date with trends by following the latest developments in the sports world, including trades, transfers, injuries, and other significant events, to provide relevant coverage.
  • A Sportswriter must have a keen eye for interesting angles and compelling narratives and generate original story ideas that can captivate readers and pitch them to editors for approval.
  • Sports Writers must utilize social media platforms to share and promote sports articles, engage with readers, and build followership while maintaining professional and ethical standards in reporting, avoiding bias, and conflicts of interest, and ensuring the accuracy and fairness of information promoted.
  • A sports writer is responsible for working within deadlines to ensure timely delivery of sports content, especially for live events and breaking news.
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How to Become a Sports Writer 

Becoming a sports writer can be easy with the necessary steps and guides, we have put together the following simple steps: 

  • Obtain a bachelor’s degree from any reputable and recognized institution in related fields such as communication and language arts, mass communication, journalism, and so on
  • Get your mandatory one-year NYSC certification (if you are in Nigeria)
  • Register with an association of journalists, the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) is an option if you are practicing in Nigeria
  • Get internships and volunteer as a sports writer with media outlets, magazines, or newspapers
  • Continuously acquire knowledge and information on sports writing
  • Stay up-to-date with trends within the sporting industry 

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