Joan Laporta insist Barcelona are being targeted but they would defend themselves


In view of the El Clasico, the president of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta has put out a message to the fans encouraging them to back the club in the encounter against fierce rivals, Real Madrid. 

Laporta used the message to give assurance to supporters that he would defend the team in the Maria Enriquez Negreira legal battle. 

Joan Laporta
Joan Laporta

In the previous couple of weeks, series of information have been sent out about payments done by Barcelona to Maria Enriquez Negreira and it has even gotten to the public prosecutor’s office.

Laporta speaking with Barcelona’s official media about the issue

Joan Laporta in his speech before Barcelona host Real Madrid on Sunday spoke extensively on the issue with the club’s official media. 

Laporta said: “Cules, this Sunday we have a great game so come and support the team more than ever,” he urged the fanbase.

“We have a great opportunity to get closer to our goal, which is to win the league.

“The campaign we are suffering is not by chance and its aim is to destabilise the team in the short term, while its aim is to control and take Barcelona in the medium term.

“I will explain to you who, why and how they want to orchestrate this campaign at a later date.

“Have no doubt that we will defend ourselves. And not only that, we will also attack.

“But, for now, we have to concentrate on encouraging our players. The objective of the campaign is to destabilise the team and we have to encourage our coaches and players to win the game.

“I don’t think we should focus on other aspects that divert the attention of our players.

“Come and cheer more than ever. Let’s cheer for Barcelona because we love Barcelona.”

Joan Laporta has made it clear he wouldn’t give in to Javier Tebas demands

Barcelona’s president, Joan Laporta, last month stated that he would not “give the chief executive of La Liga Javier Tebas what he’d like by stepping down” as the club’s president. 

Joan Laporta
The President of FC Barcelona

The club is deep in a £7 million alleged payment made to the former vice-president of Spain referee committee which the club have claimed was for an “external technical consultant” to compile video reports of professional referees “with the aim of combining it with the information needed by the coaching crew”.

Karim Benzema is an injury doubt for the El Clasico clash

Ahead of the heavyweight fixture on Sunday, Karim Benzema was absent from Real Madrid’s training two days before the encounter. 

The El Clasico

He picked up an injury to his lower right leg minutes before he put the ball in the back of the net against Liverpool on Wednesday. 

And reports filtering out of Spain claim that Benzema wasn’t in good shape to train with his teammates just two days before the clash against Barcelona. 

Barcelona sit at the top spot of the La Liga table with 65 points, 9 points higher then 2nd placed Real Madrid who have ammased 56 points so far. 

Joan Laporta would be expecting his team to get a favorable result in the match as they are on a good run of form in the La Liga but in the reverse fixture they lost at the Santiago Bernabeu to Real Madrid by 3-1. 


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