Jimenez-Luiz head clash reignites call for concussion substitution

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There have been several calls for concussion substitution as part of players well being. The recent clash of heads between Arsenal defender, David Luiz and Wolves striker, Raul Jimenez has brought the topic to the front burner again.

Jimenez clashed his head with Luiz during a corner played in by Willian in the 7th minute of the Premier League game played on Sunday at the Emirates.

After receiving eight minutes of treatment, Jimenez, who appeared to suffer the brunt of the collision was placed on oxygen and stretched off the pitch before being taken to the hospital.

Luiz on the other hand was able to continue but was eventually taken off after the first half while the goals in the game had already being scored.

Mikel Arteta defends the decision to allow David Luiz after head collision with Raul Jimenez

Such decision by Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta has been criticised. It is believed that having a head injury like that such injury shouldn’t be seen as a minor thing.

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The clash also created a palpable tension between the players who were calling on the medics to rush unto the pitch immediately it happened.

Despite being bandaged to finish the half, there were stain of blood on Luiz’s head, which led to criticism.

Although shocked by the event, Arteta said the protocols were followed before allowing the Brazilian to continue. He was eventually replaced by Rob Holding.

Jimenez was stretched off the pitch to hospital

“I was shocked because I saw the reaction of the players – they were asking the doctors. We were really worried for Raul Jimenez because it was really nasty.

“We followed the protocol to check he [Luiz] had not lost any consciousness, which he hadn’t, and then some tests.

“They will continue to do some more checks on him. He was really uncomfortable and couldn’t really head the ball and couldn’t continue.”

According to the FA rule, footballers who sustain a suspected concussion, either during training or in a game, should immediately be removed from the pitch and not allowed to return until the appropriate treatment has been administered.

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Shearer wants concussion substitution effected

Former England striker and Premier League all-time highest goalscorer, Alan Shearer while speaking on Match of the Day 2, said action must be taken immediately to review concussion protocols to protect players.

Shearer is speaking on the back of a BBC documentary on dementia he presented and is aware of the risks players face from head injuries.

“Football needs to get real and wake up. It needs to get serious, not next month, now. This has been going on for far too long. The protocols in football are not acceptable.

“If David Luiz has passed all the protocols like Arsenal say he has, how on earth is he allowed back onto the pitch with a wound that is dripping down his face?

“We’re talking about players’ welfare here. Football’s protocols allow someone who has a cut that is seeping through a bandage that has just been put on to carry on playing and then he has to go off again 20 minutes later because he can’t head a ball.

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“Cricket do it, the NFL does it, both codes of rugby do it – they all have better protocols. We’re talking about life and death and players’ careers ending.

“They’re on about trialling concussion substitutes. What is there to trial? It’s been going on for years. It’s not acceptable.

“We’ve been having meeting after meeting. Why do they need to trial anything? Just do it. Do it now. If things need changing after that, change it,” ” he said.

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